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UFC 220 Live Coverage – Miocic Vs Ngannou

Miocic Vs Ngannou

Miocic Vs Ngannou

Check out our live coverage of UFC 220 – Miocic Vs Ngannou.

It’s the first big UFC show of the year with two really big main events. Is Francis Ngannou the next big thing? That should be answered by tonight as well as how well Daniel Cormier bounces back after losing to Jon Jones and then being given his title back because Jones failed his drug test.

We’ll be back with live coverage of the show.

Rob Font Vs Thomas Almeida

This was a close round, but entertaining. Both guys looked good. From a striking standpoint, Font was starting the exchanges with a strong jab, but Almeida was landing well late. He scored the best shot of the round late and hurt Font to slightly take it.

Font nearly put his lights out early. He hit Almeida with a right hand and Almeida Flair-flopped. He looked out. I think hitting the mat might’ve woken him up. Almeida tied him up a bit, but Font was landing big uppercuts. Font continued to land and knocked him down again with a big right hand. It was finally stopped on the ground.

Winner: Rob Font by way of 2nd round TKO

Francimar Barroso Vs Gian Villante

Barroso was fighting a lot defensively, throwing punches moving backward while Villante was the one coming forward. Barroso was fighting safe to minimize damage, but he wasn’t winning the exchanges.

Villante landed three left hooks in a row. He was setting him up for it and landing hard. He kicked him low and the fight hand to be paused for a few. Barroso landed some nice leg kicks and he was also trying to surprise him throwing lead left hands off the wrong foot, but they didn’t mess with Villante much.

The third round was much of the same, but slower. Barroso had to dial it up and come out harder, but he didn’t. He still fought defensive and Villante continued pressing the action, which makes him the easy winner.

Winner: Gian Villante by way of split decision

One judge had it 29-28 for Barroso, which was an interesting score. The other two scorecards were 30-27 for Villante.

Shane Burgos Vs Calvin Kattar

Kattar has a long reach and his boxing looks sharp. Burgos’s head and face was all read from taking jabs and right hands right to the face. He wasn’t moving his head well. Burgos came back later in the round, but I think Kattar still took the round.

Dominick Cruz said that Kattar is more slick than Burgos and he’s right on with that. It looks like Burgos is waiting for someone call combinations and when they call them, he can’t throw them because Kattar beats him to the punch. He started to pick it up late in the round again, but Kattar won the round.

Kattar put his lights out. He landed a big right uppercut and Burgos fell backward, but didn’t go down. He hit him with another uppercut and he went down. He then finished him on the ground.

Winner: Calvin Kattar by way of 3rd round TKO

Volkan Oezdemir Vs Daniel Cormier

Oezdemir started out well, but it might’ve been just that Cormier started so slowly. Cormier was trying to find the range and in doing so, was eating some shots. When Cormier found the range, he hurt Oezdemir and was going for the kill. Oezdemir bit down on his mouthpiece and started swinging. Cormier got him down and had him in a rear naked choke, but the round expired. Oezdemir was saved by the bell.

It was all Cormier in the second round. He got a takedown and easily stopped him on the ground. Really good win for DC.

Winner: Daniel Cormier by way of 2nd round TKO

Francis Ngannou Vs Stipe Miocic

Ngannou looked good early with his heavy hands, but Miocic was making him work. He had good head movement and he was making Ngannou work hard. Ngannou started to get tired as he was throwing big punches and not landing. Mioco landed a clean right hand and then took him down quite easily. Miocic nailed him again and in coming forward, took a huge shot, but hung on and got a takedown to end the round.

Ngannou is being outclassed right now. Miocic is in control, but there’s always that outside chance that Ngannou can land a big punch. Miocic took him down and kept him down on his knees for most of the round.

Ngannou landed a huge right hand and Miocic felt it. He immediately took him down. He held him down for the rest of the round. Both guys are tired, but Ngannou is more tired than just about any fighter you’ll ever see.

Ngannou didn’t even get a chance to hit him this time before getting taken down. Miocic took him down and held him down. He didn’t even put up a fight on the ground.

Miocic couldn’t get the takedown in the round, so at least Ngannou has that. Miocic was tired too. Ngannou had a couple of hope spots, but he couldn’t land anything. Miocic saw everything coming a mile away. He had a Superman punch and flying knee attempt late. Miocic wins this walking away.

Winner: Stipe Miocic

The scores were all 50-44 for Stipe.

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