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ESPN Boxing – Vasyl Lomachenko Vs Guillermo Rigondeaux Play By Play (LomaRigo)

We’ll have live play by play of Vasyl Lomachenko Vs Guillermo Rigondeaux (#LomaRigo).

The end of the year brings boxing goodness. With Bob Arum eschewing HBO and Showtime for his big fights, we get to see Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux on ESPN.

On the undercard, 2016 Olympian, Shakur Stevenson beat Oscar Mendoza in a 2nd round stoppage.

Christopher Diaz knocked down Bryant Cruz four times before stopping him in the third.

Michael Conlan shut out Luis Molina for six rounds and won a unanimous decision.

Vasyl Lomachenko Vs Guillermo Rigondeaux (LomaRigo)

Round 1

Lomachenko looks every bit of a weight class above Rigondeaux. With both guys being southpaw, there was no real rhythm to the first round. It looked like Lomachenko was trying to force his will with his footwork, but Rigondeaux wasn’t giving up anything. Good luck trying to pick a winner of that first round.

Round 2

Rigondeaux went into a crouch and Lomachenko countered with a right hook which knocked him off-balanced. Rigondeaux is tying Lomachenko up. Lomachenko is clearly trying to pull out and give himself up a bit but the referee wants him to fight through it and protect himself. Then, Rigondeaux punched him as he was trying to get out, only to get hit harder after. The tie-up is going to be frustrating all night long. Lomachenko won the second.

Round 3

Not a ton of action, but Lomachenko won the round again. Rigondeaux is trying to figure out the angles, but Lomachenko is too quick and is out-angling him. He threw a nice triple uppercut, one of which landed. He’s just the busier fighter.

Round 4

Rigondeaux landed an uppercut from the inside. But otherwise, it was just about all Lomachenko. Rigondeaux went into the low crouch again and Lomachenko just went behind him like this was an amateur wrestling match.

Round 5

Rigondeaux is more than frustrated. Lomachenko is too much for him. His best defense is ducking low so Lomachenko can’t hit him and then locking up his arms and trying to get a shot off it. Lomachenko has won the last 4 rounds clearly.

Round 6

The referee took a point away from Rigondeaux for holding and not letting go. Lomachenko is going to win a 10-8 round here. Even when Rigondeaux goes low, Lomachenko has figured out what to do, which is take an exaggerated step to the side and create an angle to where he can still punch him and not hit him in the back or top of the head. Brilliant stuff.

Rigondeaux isn’t coming out for the seventh round. Supposedly, there’s something wrong with his hand. Though, it’s odd that he hurt his hand in a fight where he barely landed any punches.

Winner: Vasyl Lomachenko by way of 6th round TKO

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