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UFC 217 Live Coverage – Michael Bisping Vs Georges St-Pierre

UFC 217 live coverage

UFC 217 live coverage

Keep up with us as we update our UFC 217 live coverage.

GSP is back! It’s the biggest UFC show of the year with three title fights.

We’ll be back with live coverage of the main card.

Paulo Costa Vs Johny Hendricks

Costa looks like an jacked up athlete while Hendricks looks like a bar room brawler. Costa is patient, but mostly throwing one shot. Hendricks is eating a lot of shots just to throw the left hand. When Hendricks looks for the right hand, Costa throws a knee to the body. Hendricks is landing some small shots that are more befuddling than they are hurting Costa. He’s throwing a wild uppercuts too. I can see it landing later in the fight.

Costa started to rock him once the round started. Hendricks was throwing wild counters, but had no chance. Costa kept coming and Hendricks couldn’t keep him off. He took big punches and kicks, but kept getting back up. Big John stopped the fight to save Hendricks from his own toughness.

Winner: Paulo Costa by way of 2nd round TKO

Jorge Masvidal Vs Stephen Thompson

This was a Stephen Thompson round. Lots of side kicks, punches coming off the kicks, and Masvidal not doing too much because he was very hesitant.

Thompson dropped him with a right hand when Masvidal was looking for the kick. He let him back up. Masvidal is having a hard time cutting off the cage and at times, he’s looking a step slow. He did land one punch, but for most of the round, Thompson was moving and then throwing one shot at a time. It’s still Wonder Boy’s round.

This was the most action-packed round as Masvidal had to throw more, which made Thompson throw more. But Thompson was still very tactical in his strikes. The fight wasn’t boring, but it was a predictable Wonder Boy fight.

Winner: Stephen Thompson

The scores were 30-26, 30-27, and 30-27.

Rose Namajunas Vs Joanna Jędrzejczyk

Rose is fighting smartly. She’s not wasting too much movement and her punches are smart. She dropped Jędrzejczyk, but Jędrzejczyk fought her way back up. Then she ate a left hook which put her on her back again. Rose dove in with a big right hand and Jędrzejczyk was out. She followed up and Jędrzejczyk tapped out to strikes.

Winner: Rose Namajunas

T.J. Dillashaw Vs Cody Garbrandt

The fight was fairly even and there wasn’t much action outside of feinting and throwing stuff that wasn’t going to land. But right near the bell, Garbrandt caught T.J. with a right hand and T.J. went down. He was wobbly getting up.

What a finish. Dillashaw looked apprehensive, but he knocked Garbrandt down with a kick and all of a sudden looked in control. He hit him with a short right after Garbrandt missed a shot and then finished him on the ground.

Winner: T.J. Dillashaw by 2nd round TKO

Georges St-Pierre Vs Michael Bisping

Georges looked sharp. He’s not as quick as he once was, but he’s still sharp with his punches and in the way he cuts off the cage. Bisping didn’t really have much luck in the round, but you know his game is the long game. GSP got a takedown to secure the round, but he added a couple of shots that knocked Bisping off-balanced as well.

St-Pierre is definitely slower in the round. He might be pacing himself. He’s still leading most of the exchanges, but Bisping did finally land a right-hand that Georges had to eat. GSP got another takedown, but Bisping was able to get up fairly quickly after having to be in half guard. Bisping started to pick up the pace in the last part of the round and he may have won it.

They had to fix Bisping’s cup mid-round. GSP went takedown early but Bisping did a lot of damage from the bottom, busting him open with elbows. GSP was having a hard time seeing, but hit Bisping with a left hand that put Bisping down. He followed up with elbows on the ground. Bisping’s head was bouncing off the mat. GSP gave him some room and Bisping tried to get up. As he did, GSP sunk in a rear naked choke and the ref stopped it.

Winner: Georges St-Pierre by 3rd round submission

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