Kevin Owens 365 And WWE 24: Goldberg Are Good Watches

Kevins Owens 365

Kevin Owens 365 and WWE 24: Goldberg are both good episodes on the WWE Network.

The WWE Network isn’t all that groundbreaking. I wouldn’t argue with people who felt it was rather boring compared to other streaming networks when it comes to original programming. The fact of the matter is, WWE has figured out how to make money from the network while cutting back on costs, which means less original programming outside of their PPVs is going to be the recipe.

But, there is one original show that is generally good and that’s WWE 24, which is their current documentary show. There’s now a second show that just debuted and might be must-see called 365. The first episode featured Kevin Owens, spanning his run from SummerSlam 2016, in which he was slightly disappointed with his standing on the show, to the 2017 version of the show, which he seemed to feel better about.

WWE’s latest 24 featured the story on Bill Goldberg’s comeback in late 2016 that kicked off a run with the Universal title and one of the top matches at WrestleMania 33.

Both of the new episodes crossover into each other because both men crossed paths at WWE’s show right before WrestleMania; Fastlane.

In 365, Owens says that he thought he was heading toward a Universal title match with Chris Jericho at WrestleMania, but instead, WWE made a quick booking change and instead put the belt on Goldberg for the rematch showdown with Brock Lesnar.

I seem to remember news coming out either right before or after the Royal Rumble that Goldberg was beating Owens, but I think the timeline still checks out. What’s funny is that Owens said that when he was a kid, he hated Goldberg because he was a WWE fan and hated WCW. But he didn’t seem frustrated having to drop the title to Goldberg. He seemed to have respect for Goldberg as a family man, which is who Owens is as well.

Goldberg made the WWE 24 a hard-watch because of how rough it was for him. When he came back for the Survivor Series in 2016, it was a over 12 years since he stepped foot inside a WWE ring. He blamed both sides saying they matured over the years, but also said it was important for him to come back for his son and wife, who’d never seen his huge WCW run, inside the squared circle. But watching him go through the process of transforming back into Goldberg at 49 years of age was tough.

What was also tough was his temperament throughout. He mentioned that he never enjoyed wrestling in his career. It’s kind of hard to believe that, but at least to him, wrestling was always a job and never a long-time career. He was worried throughout the run to his comeback match with Lesnar, hard on himself for slipping during a tête-à-tête with Rusev as well as hurting his shoulder during the go-home to Survivor Series.

But after that was over and it was decided that he would comeback, he felt like he was fully ready and that helped him come to grips that he should enjoy this last ride of his career. Speaking of the last ride, there’s a scene with the Undertaker out of character that was a nice touch.

His son and wife were with him along the way which seemed to make it worth it for him.

As for Owens, he similarly never seemed truly happy either in his 365 episode. But it was slightly different than why Goldberg wasn’t. Owens as a guy in the prime of his career isn’t upset because he doesn’t enjoy wrestling. He’s just not satisfied where he’s at. And maybe he won’t ever be satisfied as someone constantly pushing himself to be the top guy.

There’s a scene in 365 after WrestleMania 33 which probably explains it all. After his match with Chris Jericho, which was instead for the US title rather than the Universal title, he went to the back to ask Vince McMahon if the match was okay. McMahon shook his head and answered negatively and when Owens asked if they were good, he didn’t give him an affirming answer. That scene in of itself was weird to me because it was only the second match on the show and had to follow the car crash that was AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon. They slowed it down and had a really solid, if unspectacular wrestling match.

Vince’s feedback seemed to set the tone for the rest of the year for Owens. He moved onto a feud with AJ Styles later in the year which I found disappointing and while he knew one match was subpar, he seemed happy with the end of the feud.

Owens’ 365 days wasn’t all that exciting for the start of the series, but it’s an intriguing idea and one that could really show the full emotion of what it takes to succeed (or fail) in WWE. They could do one on any of their wrestlers, including guys who aren’t in their big plans, and I think it would be good TV.

Both are worth watching and quality gems that make the WWE Network worth it. I just wish there were more shows like this on the network.

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