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UFC 216 Live Coverage – Tony Ferguson Vs Kevin Lee

UFC 216 live coverage

Check out our UFC 216 live coverage.

As with most UFC cards all year long, this show was changed within the last 24 hours. But even before that, there was a main event scare as Kevin Lee nearly missed weight, making it on his final attempt. Earlier today, Derrick Lewis had to pull out because of injury and now Fabricio Werdum is facing Walt Harris who was originally supposed to face Mark Godbeer.

Demetrious Johnson is attempting to set the all-time UFC record for title defenses tonight. We’ll be back with live coverage of the main show.

Evan Dunham Vs Beneil Dariush

Dariush landed the first big shot which was either on the top of the head, or slightly on the back of the head. But Dunham was immediately stunned. Dariush unloaded on Dunham and was scoring with big punches. Dunham is tough as nails. He was working off his back trying to get a submission, but mostly just to slow Dariush down.

Dunham was able to get a takedown with Dariush trying to get an omoplata from the bottom. They traded blows late, but this was Dunham’s round. Will be interesting to see what they scored the first as it’s either tied at one, or Dariush is up because of a 10-8.

Last round was solid. Both guys were tired. Dunham was moving forward and making the fight. Dariush seemed to be bothered by Dunham’s reckless style. Dunham closed strong, though Dariush was never in trouble.

Winner: Majority draw

One judge had it for Dariush, but the other judges had it 28-28.

Kalindra Faria Vs Mara Romero Borella

Borella got an immediate takedown and then worked from her guard to mount to getting the back and Faria had to tap out.

Winner: Mara Romero Borella by way of 1st round submission

Walt Harris Vs Fabricio Werdum

Well, that was quick. Werdum grabbed a single, got him down, immediately got the mount and then went for the rear naked. Harris avoided it, but then Werdum turned it into an armbar really quickly and it was tapout city.

Winner: Fabricio Werdum by way of 1st round submission

Ray Borg Vs Demetrious Johnson

DJ is in control at all times. That’s what may be the most impressive thing about him to me. Borg looked active and game, but when DJ wanted to turn it up, he did. Borg went for a takedown, DJ stuffed it and ended up on top. And then he went to his game and just tactfully and strategically scored tons of points with strikes.

Borg actually got a takedown, but DJ was up and then he jumped on DJ’s back and DJ just shook him off. DJ then took the rest of the round, continuing what he did in the first. At one point, he outstruck Borg 62-1.

DJ was patient in his attack, but still completely dominating the round. He eventually got his back and then just sat with his back against the cage. Borg got out, but DJ ended up back on top. Back on their feet, but not for long as DJ went for a takedown, and Borg grabbed his neck, but didn’t have the choke.

We lost the first two minutes of the round to an Amber Alert. When it was back on, DJ had Borg on his back again. Nothing Borg did even made DJ flinch. What a performance.

DJ ended it. He had Borg’s back and then suplexed him, but instead of continuing with the suplex, he caught his arm and went for the armbar. Borg fought it and was using his shoulder flexibility to fight it, but once DJ cranked to straighten the arm, it was over.

Winner: Demetrious Johnson by way of 5th round submission

Kevin Lee Vs Tony Ferguson

Ferguson got caught and went down. Lee couldn’t really follow up. As he tried to close the distance, Ferguson put him down too. Ferguson is acting like he was poked in the eye. Lee got a very quick takedown that looked like Randy Orton’s powerslam. Lee was on top, but Ferguson had his head tied up. He pulled his head out, but Ferguson had his arm. He pulled out his arm. He ended up in mount and he was dropping big shots on him to end the round.

Lee started fast, but Ferguson started to walk him down, landing his jab at will. He was doing some weird feinting that Lee was falling for. Lee went for one takedown, but Ferguson sprawled. He went for another and Ferguson whizzered his way out of it.

Lee picked up Ferguson and slammed him. Ferguson was beating him on the feet like in the prior round when Lee got another takedown. Ferguson got an armbar, but Lee had a sick escape and he was back on top. Lee got sloppy and Ferguson sunk in a triangle and Lee tapped out.

Winner: Tony Ferguson by way of 3rd round submission

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