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The Fabulous Four Podcast – Bonus Episode With Robert Silva

Fabulous Four
GG brings on boxing historian Robert Silva for a bonus episode of the Fabulous Four Podcast.

If you missed any of our prior episodes, we have a page dedicated to the podcast.

Duan and GG will be back with the final fight of the series, Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran III. But before that, GG and Robert Silva, who you can read on this website, take a trip down memory lane.

Robert and his father saw many fights between the Fab Four on closed circuit TV. Robert talks about some of the things he learned from his father and what turned him into a big fan. We then go over some of the fights between the four.

You can listen to our discussion below.

Robert just recently completed a series for our website on the greatest welterweights of all-time and has just started one on the greatest middleweights.

You can find his World Championship Boxing podcast on Geekdom 101 and on Apple Podcasts.

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