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Throwback Thursday Video – Thomas Hearns Is The First Boxer To Win Four Titles In Four Different Weight Classes

thomas hearns is the first

Thomas Hearns is the first boxer to win four titles in four different weight classes. #ThrowbackThursday

Now, we know that when Henry Armstrong tried to do it, there weren’t as many weight classes, or as many titles to go after. But that doesn’t take away from what Thomas Hearns was able to do.

After losing to Marvin Hagler, Hearns had to wait. He was hoping for another Hagler fight, but Hagler’s eye was on a bigger fight; the one he’d been chasing for years, with Sugar Ray Leonard.

After already holding the welterweight and light-middleweight titles, Hearns fought and beat up an over-matched Dennis Andries for the light-heavyweight title. His previous bout was at middleweight, so he went up about fifteen pounds in weight to challenge for the title. That win gave Hearns three titles in three different weight classes.

After Leonard vacated the middleweight belt after beating Hagler, Hearns faced Juan Roldán for the WBC middleweight title. It was a slugfest.

With Marvin Hagler on color commentary, Roldán put his head down, charged at the much longer Hearns, and tried to bulldoze his way into throwing over-hand rights. Hagler, who hit the canvas for the only time in his career against Roldán, was commenting on how unconventional it was to fight him.

Roldán even rocked Hearns a couple times, making Hearns hold on for dear life. But Hearns eventually took him out. He knocked him down a couple times in the first, and finished him in the fourth round.

It was quite the impressive performance for Hearns, especially after suffering a few lackluster performances prior. He also became the first fighter to win four titles at four different weight classes.

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