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HBO Sports – Canelo Alvarez Vs Gennady Golvkin Live Coverage

Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin live coverage

Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin live coverage

Check out our Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin live coverage.

The expected fight of the year is finally here. We put up our preview for the fight yesterday. I think it’s a coin flip fight, or the closest you can get to it.

The last time I felt like a fight with two top guys was this close was the first fight between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev. While I don’t think it’s impossible, I do think it’s unlikely that this goes to a decision. But that can change based on the tempo and the big stage. I expect these guys to throw big shots.

We’ll be back periodically to update you on the undercard and then have live play-by-play for the main fight.

On the undercard:

Ryan Martin beat Francisco Rojo by split decision (91-98, 96-93, 95-94)

Diego De La Hoya beat Randy Caballero by unanimous decision (100-90, 98-92, 98-92)

Joseph Diaz Jr. beat Rafael Rivera by unanimous decision (120-108, 119-109, 119-109)

Canelo Alvarez Vs Gennady Golovkin

Round One
Canelo is moving left early and dodged a big right hand. GGG has thrown some jabs, but nothing else so far. It looks like Canelo’s strategy early on is to be a counter puncher and go to the body. Canelo landed a jab and then walked into one. GGG is going to be hittable for sure. Canelo picked it up later, but this is GGG’s round.

Round Two
This was a close round, but I think Canelo got it. He had the better power shots in the round and he looks to be setting up Golovkin for later in the rounds with body shots. His left hook looked sharp. Golovkin is coming forward, but he was simply out-boxed in the round.

Round Three
This was the widest round so far. Canelo’s hand speed looks great, while GGG’s punches are more predictable. GGG landed a nice shot late while Canelo decided to get on his horse, but overall, I think Canelo out-boxed him again.

Round Four
GGG closed the distance on Canelo and Canelo was very uncomfortable. It was his best round. He looked like the type of fighter you expected. He walked down Canelo and Canelo was more off-balanced. When Canelo came back with his counters, Golovkin was in too tight. Canelo couldn’t get space. I have the fight at 2-2 so far.

Round Five
For some reason, Canelo is comfortable fighting off the ropes, but GGG landed a big right hand that he tried to pretend that didn’t hurt. He’s taking shots that he wasn’t taking early on and I think it’s because GGG figured out how to pressure him. Canelo is absolutely uncomfortable here.

Round Six
Canelo started to lead the exchanges a bit more, which didn’t allow GGG to just walk him down and get inside. When Canelo is active, he makes it so much harder for GGG. Go figure. But if he doesn’t get off enough, GGG immediately takes his comfortable position and Canelo has to fight off the ropes. GGG came back in the round and popped him to try and take control of the round. This was close. Golovkin’s end of the round may be more memorable than Canelo’s good start.

Round Seven
That was also a close round, but GGG was more consistent throughout. Canelo had signs of life, but he wasn’t able to put together enough opportunities to land. He couldn’t keep GGG off him enough and had to play defense throughout.

Round Eight
Early on, it looked like Canelo had the antidote to GGG’s ring control. But these last several rounds, it’s just the opposite. GGG is cutting off the ring and Canelo can’t keep him off him. Canelo needs to figure some things out here. He needs to disrupt GGG’s tempo.

Round Nine
GGG puts his forehead right on Canelo’s and starts throwing punches. That’s how inside his jock GGG is. Canelo has landed some great punches this round. Maybe the best ones, but he can’t keep GGG off him. Canelo may have taken this round, but the fight is still going very much the way GGG wants it.

Round Ten
Canelo got GGG to step back as he was either off-balanced or he did feel shot by Canelo. But GGG still walked him down. Canelo can’t continue to be the one taking a step back if he wants to win the fight. Good round by both and very close.

Round Eleven
The 11th was close to. It’s quite possible that Canelo has eked out these last two rounds which makes the fight super close. The problem is that Canelo keeps walking backward, even if Canelo is landing the same amount of power shots. I have it 6-4-1.

Round Twelve
Canelo came out throwing big shots, but he couldn’t keep it up. Everytime he took a breath, GGG was right back in his kitchen. But Canelo landed the majority of the big shots in this round and I think he took the round. I have it 6-5-1 (115-114) for Golovkin.

Winner: Split draw

The scores were 118-110 (Canelo), 115-113 (GGG), and 114-114.

The 118-110 scorecard is preposterous. But the other two cards are completely defensible.

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