Canelo Vs Golovkin Preview

Canelo vs Golovkin preview

Check out our Canelo vs Golovkin preview.

This fight is the polar opposite of Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. There’s no fabricated grudge. But there is a grudge. It’s not about who is the flashiest, best dressed, or most wealthy athlete. It’s about who the better fighter is and who has the best opportunity to be the biggest star in boxing.

While neither guy would necessarily hold the invisible mantle of best pound-for-pound boxer, there’s a mantle that each wants, which is who can be the guy; the Sugar Ray Leonard/Oscar De La Hoya/Manny Pacquiao of the sport.

In fact, the grudge is more about who is deserving of the acclaim and accolades. While most fans think Canelo was ducking Gennady before they finally signed, what he and Golden Boy were doing was making sure that the reward was there for Canelo’s risk. Canelo’s rise has been strategic and even in losing his biggest fight against Mayweather, he came out of that a bigger star to the public, which wasn’t always the case with Mayweather opponents.

It’s easy to say that they should’ve made this fight two years ago, but the reality is, the fight has to make business sense before it has to make boxing sense. Golovkin was a hardcore fan favorite, but his drawing power wasn’t there yet. And it’s really not there completely, but after making folks wait for a couple years, the time is right for this fight.

If we learned anything from the business success of Mayweather vs Pacquiao and Mayweather vs McGregor, it’s that patience is key. The thing that’s different with this fight is that Canelo and Golovkin can fight multiple times, so pulling the trigger now, when it still might be a bit early from a true business sense, is fine.

So what happens inside the ring? I think what makes this fight so dripping with anticipation is the expectation that both guys will go out on their sword. That’s not to say both guys haven’t had their share of bad or boring performances, but the recipe of what each other does in the ring makes it seem like this will be a super action fight.

Can it be Hagler vs. Hearns good? Well, I’m not sure anything can be that good. But does it have the chance to be this era’s version of that? Robert Silva (@ROBERTSILVA5768) thinks so.

Here’s what he has to say about the fight:

This is such a hard fight to predict. GGG has slipped some in the past year. He was lackluster in his last two performances. Canelo has improved tremendously since being schooled by Floyd four years ago. I see a war, as Canelo will attempt to outbox GGG. Don’t be surprised if both men go down in what could be the greatest fight at 160 pounds since Hagler-Hearns. My prediction: Canelo by razor thin split decision, setting up a rematch next spring.

When there was talk of this fight happening, I thought it was a bad matchup for Canelo. Golovkin’s power seemed lethal and he was already the bigger fighter. But since then, Canelo has gotten bigger and stronger and Golovkin may have taken a step back athletically thanks to mother nature. Or, maybe he did let guys hit him in order to set them up. Either way, he’s a few years older now while Canelo seems to be in his athletic prime.

Personally, I think there will be a stoppage. But by whom? I think that in order for either guy to get the knockout, they’re going to have to take chances. I think Canelo will try and outbox Golovkin early, but it will be too enticing for him and he’ll exchange. And I see him getting put on his back early. But I also see him outlasting Golovkin and stopping him late. I don’t think it will be a wipeout knockout, but I think Canelo will find a way to stop Golovkin late, much like how Sugar Ray Leonard had to come back and beat Tommy Hearns in their first fight.

I wouldn’t bet my life on it though. Golovkin is the wild card here. He may be simply too powerful for Canelo. But I’m hedging on young and athletic prime with my pick.

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