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Throwback Thursday Video – Final Countdown: Hagler Vs Leonard

hagler vs leonard

On this Throwback Thursday video, we look back at the buildup to Hagler vs Leonard.

As we get closer to the second season of the Fabulous Four, the podcast that I do with Duan about the fights between Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Roberto Duran, we have a Throwback Thursday about the buildup.

We just re-posted our podcast on Hearns’ knockout of Duran.

Next week, we’ll re-post Hagler vs Hearns, which ends season one before kicking off season two. What fight kicks off season two? It’s Hagler vs Leonard.

This HBO preview is a fun and in-depth look at what was happening before the fight. Leonard hadn’t fought in nearly three years. Hagler was only fighting once a year at this point, but he was still recognized as one of the top guys in the game.

Larry Merchant and Barry Tompkins hosted the show, with Merchant throwing to a bunch of video packages done by Tompkins. There’s some nice footage of press conferences and interviews done.

Merchant interviews three media members later, who give their insight on the upcoming bout. Former trainer Gil Clancy has the best perspective of the fight.

The preview is about 47 minutes long and is an amazing step back into 1987. Merchant even asked one of the media members if Leonard getting hurt during the fight could hurt the sport. Leonard had only fought once since his eye surgery and there was still worry.

You’ll hear more about this fight from us soon.

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