Showtime Sports – Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor Live Coverage

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

Check out our Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor live coverage.

After what seems to have been years of promotion, the fight is here. If you want to know my prediction, I posted it yesterday.

I will do live play by play for the main event. But I will also list the undercard winners on this post as well.

We’ll be back with updates as the night goes on.

Andrew Tabiti beat Steve Cunningham fairly easily in the PPV opener. I missed the fight so I’ll link to Bad Left Hook’s recap.

Badou Jack stopped Nathan Cleverly in the 5th round of an impressive performance. He had Cleverly up against the ropes and was throwing punch after punch and Cleverly wasn’t throwing back. He was trying to bob and weave, but the referee stopped it.

Gervonta Davis knocked out Francisco Fonseca in a weird fight. Davis showed spurts of flashy athleticism but looked to be frustrated by Fonseca for most of the fight. In the 8th, Davis hit Fonseca with a body shot and Fonseca fell forward a bit to clinch. Instead, Davis swung and hit him on the back of the neck and Fonseca went to his knees. He was hugging Davis’ legs and Davis pushed him off. Fonseca never got off his knees.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

Round One
McGregor comes out with his MMA stance and isn’t fighting in a boxing stance. He’s attacking Mayweather against the ropes and Mayweather is staying patient. Conor is pawing his jab out there and Mayweather is fighting very conventionally with his hands right at his head. McGregor threw an awkward MMA style punch off a shuffle that made Floyd a bit uncomfortable. Mayweather came inside and McGregor landed an uppercut that surprised Floyd. That’s McGregor’s round.

Round Two
McGregor was warned for holding the back of the head and hitting, which is legal in MMA. Mayweather looks to be setting up his lead right. McGregor is holding the body and hitting too. The round is probably for McGregor, but I think Mayweather is figuring him out.

Round Three
McGregor tried to hammer first him reflexively. MCGregor’s jab is working well this round. McGregor is doing a lot of switching with his feet to create angles. He’s throwing some of his shots lazily and on his back foot and it may hurt him down the line.

Round Four
McGregor’s getting tired and he’s keeping his hands out there to keep Mayweather at bay, but not Mayweather is picking up his pace. He’s still not comfortable enough to let it go, but he’s landing solidly. I think we’re going to see McGregor’s face get marked up a bit. I have it 3-1 for Conor.

Round Five
That was easily Floyd’s round. McGregor has nothing left on his shots and maybe he just took the round off, but it’s not looking good here. Floyd is walking him down and landing right hands. McGregor’s defense and head movement is still strong.

Round Six
McGregor is fighting a little dirty, probably out of exhaustion. The referee pulled McGregor away for hitting Mayweather in the back, but Mayweather was turning his back to him. Mayweather is landing his lead right at will. McGregor is having trouble hitting him now. It’s 3-3.

Round Seven
That was another easy round for Mayweather. McGregor’s not fighting well backing up but he’s so tired and Mayweather is winning the inside fighting, that McGregor can only go backward. Every time McGregor tries to get a better position, Mayweather turtles and turns his back to him.

Round Eight
McGregor is doing much better offensively. I’m so impressed at his defense and head movement. That movement stuff is real. This is still going to be Floyd’s round, but McGregor finally had a competitive round. I’m more impressed with McGregor’s willingness to hang in there and fight.

Round Nine
McGregor looked to hit Mayweather low, but you couldn’t tell. Mayweather reacted like it was. The referee pushed them apart and Mayweather went to tap gloves while McGregor threw a punch. Mayweather smiled out of respect. McGregor is ready to fall. He’s so tired and probably tired of eating right hands. He lasted the round and it looked like he could barely walk. Kudos to McGregor. But it’s still 6-3 Floyd.

Round Ten
McGregor took so much punishment in the 10th. If I was the corner, I would’ve thrown the towel at the end of the ninth. McGregor didn’t need to take so many shots. Floyd had him reeling and when it looked like he was going to fall, he’d smartly hold onto Mayweather. The referee finally topped it. But Conor didn’t fall.

Winner: Floyd Mayweather by 10th round TKO

Floyd did what I thought he’d do, which is wait for McGregor to get tired and then start chopping him down. McGregor fought well and did as good of a job as you could expect.

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