NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III Play By Play – Bobby Roode Vs Drew McIntyre

NXT TakeOver

Check out our NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III play by play.

The TakeOver Brooklyn shows have been fantastic and this third show has a lot to live up to. There are always rumors about when NXT talent is going to head to WWE and with Bobby Roode and Asaku as long-time champs, those rumors will be there tonight. And maybe Sanity too if Breezango ever solve their case.

Code Orange kicked off the show.

Johnny Gargano Vs. Andrade Cien Almas

This was a really good back and forth match. I remember during the Cruiserweight Classic, I thought Gargano was one of the best bets as a babyface for 205 Live. WWE had other ideas for him and his tag team with Tommaso Ciampa was great, so I had no issues there. But still, if they could figure out how to push talented guys who are smaller size-wise, I think Gargano has a lot of upside.

I know Almas hasn’t connected yet, but I love his work. He’s WWE-ready too, but I don’t have faith that they would do him right. With the former Thea Trinidad by his side, it gives him a little bit more flavor. Trindad, now as Zelina Vega, tossed Gargano a DIY shirt which took his eyes away from Almas and Almas was able to hook in the hammerlock and hit the DDT to win the match.

Almas looked to have won the match earlier, but Gargano had a great kick-out at 2.9.

Winner: Andrade Cien Almas

Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan are in a box watching the show scouting talent for their brands.

Sanity Vs. The Authors Of Pain

Killian Dain was replaced by Eric Young once the bell rang. The match started out a bit slow, but really picked up. AOP is still green, but they can move well.

At one point Young went to the top, but both Akam and Rezar met him there and were going to throw him off, but Nikki Cross held Young in place. He then hit a sweet elbow off the top on Rezar. Both Young and Wolfe did dives over the top. Cross wanted to get in the act, but she was caught as she jumped off the top. Then Dain splashed whichever AOP member caught Cross and they all went through a table.

Back in the ring, Sanity hit their double team finisher for the win. Sanity are the new champs.

Winner: Sanity

After the match, reDRagon came out and attacked the champs. That was a very cool moment.

Corey Graves was the guest color commentator for that match and good old JR is the guest play by play guy for the next match.

Hideo Itami Vs. Aleister Black

This match is teased as a kicking battle. And that’s exactly how it started. Both guys were throwing head kicks at the same time. Black is bleeding from the nose.

Rather than continue with the kicking offense, Itami put on a reverse chinlock with upset the crowd. They got going again and while the match was good, it took a little while for them to get their chemistry together. They did some spots of counter moves similar to what you’d see in a NJPW match.

Itami went for the GTS, but Black got out of it. Itami was screaming for respect. He ran at Black and missed a clothesline. End then threw his spin kick and landed it beautifully and got the pin.

Winner: Aleister Black

This has been a very good NXT TakeOver so far with the two title matches left to go.

Ember Moon Vs. Asuka

This was very dramatic and at points, very good. I never bought that Moon was winning the match because of how well they’ve built up Asuka. It’s not Moon’s fault either. She was really good in this match and was fired up.

Moon hit her Eclipse stunner for a close two count. She couldn’t believe it, but I don’t think her facials were all that strong. That’s a nitpick on my end. She went back up to the top and Asuka pushed the referee in front of her. Moon dove over the ref and hit a cross body, but Asuka rolled her through it and rolled her up holding the tights. The ref saw it and didn’t allow the pin.

Asuka finally sunk in her Asuka lock and Moon had to tap.

Winner: Asuka

Drew McIntyre Vs. Bobby Roode

The match started out really slow, as if they wanted to calm the crowd down a bit. It almost calmed them down too much because the crowd was pretty dead for a lot of the match.

But it picked up as they headed home. I’m not a big Bobby Roode fan, but he was really good in this match. Drew McIntyre should be the Smackdown champ right now.

Roode hit his implant DDT for a nearfall. Then, he hit it again immediately, but rolled into it to hit a third right away, but Drew kicked him off and then hit his flying big boot for the win.

While it was fairly boring for a good part of the match, it ended excellently and was a darn good match. Drew is your new champion.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, reDragon came back out and then Adam Cole attacked McIntyre from behind. It looks like we might be headed for a ROH vs NXT angle and I can dig that, bay bay.

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