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The Fight Game Podcast – On The Road Again With John LaRocca (Ep. 7)

fight game podcast

On the latest Fight Game Podcast, GG and John LaRocca go on the road again.

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Before we get to the latest episode, I want to apologize for the audio. This was a test and we probably won’t do it again. We were driving in a car on the way to Stockton, heading to APW’s Civic Slam show. I didn’t know how much of the outside traffic and air conditioning the microphone was going to pick up. Thus, when we’re driving fast, you will hear a lot of outside interference. But when we’re in a bit of traffic, there’s less static. Hopefully you can hear the content (and not be too offended by the noise) because I think it’s pretty good.

All Pro Wrestling (APW) booker, John LaRocca joins me to talk about indy show memories, road stories, people he’s worked with in the business like Jeff Cobb, Timothy Thatcher, Shayna Baszler, and Nicole Savoy, and guys he’d love to book. We then talk about the show we were headed to, APW’s Civic Slam. We talk about G1 and how great it was, including our top 10 matches of the entire tournament. We talk about why Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor is so anticipated. We discuss some of the UFC slowness (this was before Jon Jones failed his drug test, but we kind of talk about him in that way) and then end with more wrestling, including what our favorite eras of wrestling were and what matches we’d put on our favorites list.

Check it out.

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