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Video – Mayweather Vs McGregor Toronto Press Conference Notes

Mayweather vs McGregor Toronto press conference

You can watch the Mayweather vs McGregor Toronto press conference above and I’ll have notes below.

The first Mayweather vs McGregor press conference was yesterday in LA, which we wrote up as it happened.

The second presser is in Toronto and it’s already over an hour late thanks to wanting to get as many people in as possible.

Even Drake showed up!

Finally, Conor shows up. Floyd walks in as well and while he’s walking in, he gets a video. Conor didn’t get a video.

At their face-off to start the presser, Floyd’s the one dancing this time while Conor is poker faced. Then they get into a war of words.

Brian Curtis is the host. I don’t know where Mauro Ranallo is. For the second time in a row, Showtime’s stream has a bad delay.

He introduces Stephen Espinoza just like yesterday. Espinoza is the biggest heel in the building. He said the same thing as he did yesterday.

Dana White comes out and understands a little bit better how to reach the crowd. He thanks them and says that when the world tour idea was brought up, they couldn’t do it without coming to Canada. He then introduces McGregor.

– McGregor asks if the mic works, since they cut his mic yesterday.
– He then asks the crowd to say, “Fuck the Mayweathers!” after a count of three.
– He calls out Espinoza and calls him a bitch for cutting his mic off. I’m not sure that was a smart one.

– He calls Floyd a runner; boxing’s biggest bitch.
– Conor walks up to him and says he should dress his age and asks why he brings a school bag because he can’t even read.

Leonard Ellerbe comes out to introduce Floyd. Floyd is the heel today for sure.
– The “Hard work, dedication” chant wasn’t working here.
– Floyd says the fans can’t fight for McGregor. McGregor has a mic this time told him to shut his fookin’ mouth.
– Floyd says people say he can’t read, but he’s a numbers guy.
– Floyd says, “I make money.” Conor says, “You owe money.”
– Floyd looks far more upset today than he did yesterday.
– Floyd puts over Dana to his face about the job he did with UFC.
– Floyd says that people say he’s running, but he’s running to the bank.
– Floyd puts the Irish flag over his shoulders and Conor grabs his bag of money. Conor says there’s only five grand in there.

The key to this presser was Conor knowing what he was getting into and being able to spar back with Floyd. I think they made a lot of money tonight.

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