UFC 213 Live Coverage – Yoel Romero Vs Robert Whittaker

UFC 213 Live coverage

Check out our UFC 213 live coverage.

This poor card.

Originally, Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw were going to settle their feud on this card, but an injury to Garbrandt halted the fight. The Ultimate Fighter season that just finished was one of the best ones in recent memory because of how big of a knucklehead Garbrandt was and how Dillashaw was able to needle him so easily.

That pushed the number two fight on the card, Amanda Nunes’ second title defense against Valentina Shevchenko, to the main event. However, earlier today, Nunes pulled out of that fight because of an undisclosed illness that hospitalized her.

That means, your main event for UFC 213 is Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker. It really is a great fight, but coming only one year off last year’s UFC 200, which was packed with big fights, the cupboard is now almost bare. The show should still be a fun one, but there isn’t much luster. I was in Las Vegas for the last two days and no one was talking about it. I had to ask cab drivers about the show rather than them asking me if I was there for it.

We’ll be back with UFC 213 live coverage.

Douglas Silva de Andrade Vs Rob Font

That was a good first round. Font looks really good, though after a nice combination, he poked Andrade in the eye ball. Andrade got a second wind after the eye poke and had his best offense with his hands, but then started moving backward and was getting hit.

Font started to land big right hands and Andrade looked like he was going to go out. He had him up against the cage and went to town, landing two knees. Then he went for a takedown. He put Andrade in a guillotine and Andrade tried to slam him, but Andrade held on and sunk it in tighter.

Winner: Rob Font by way of 2nd round submission

Jim Miller Vs Anthony Pettis

Pettis looked great. Miller couldn’t get inside so it was a kickboxing match. Miller held his own early on, landing some inside leg kicks and strong jabs. Pettis get inside with a knee and then started to give Miller a variety of looks with kicks, punches, knees, and even a backfist.

Miller has a cut on his head somewhere. It looked like Pettis was the one cut, but Miller may have been cut on a kick. Miller got Pettis down and finally had him in his realm. He got the takedown right after he was cut. Miller didn’t do much from the top and Pettis was doing more work from the bottom. Pettis even got a trip before the round ended.

The third round was more of the same from Pettis. He figured out what he needed to do and stayed active at a high level. Miller is tough as nails and never backed down, but he wasn’t going to win this kind of fight. They got into a kick contest late. Really fun fight, but one that Pettis should win fairly easily on the cards.

Winner: Anthony Pettis by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 30-27 across the board.

Curtis Blaydes Vs Daniel Omielańczuk

Oof, this is rough. The round was all about Blaydes doing clinch work and winning the round ugly.

The second round was more of the same with Blaydes trying for takedowns up against the fence. Blaydes landed a kick to the groin in the first round and did so again in the second.

The third round wasn’t too much different. They were tired and their defense was a bit sloppier, so they landed a bit more, but to say this fight was boring is an understatement.

Winner: Curtis Blaydes by way of unanimous decision

Alistair Overeem Vs Fabricio Werdum

They sure weren’t too worried about boring the crowd more. Overeem didn’t lead with anything and relied on Werdum to strike first. Well, Werdum was hip to his game and decided to not strike first. If there were 10 strikes landed combined, I’d be surprised.

They sure don’t care about performance bonuses here. The story of the round was that Overeem would land something, Werdum would grab him and pull him down to the ground with him. Then Reem would get up and they’d do it again. Late in the round, Reem landed a nice left hand which made Werdum grab his eye.

In the best action of the fight, Werdum hit Overeem with a knee and Overeem wobbled. They went to the ground but Overeem slipped out. He was still wobbly and Werdum was going for the finish. But for whatever reason, he went for the takedown. I think he could’ve finished him on the feet. Werdum didn’t ever get to mount.

Winner: Alistair Overeem by way of majority decision

The scores were 28-28, 29-28, and 29-28.

Robert Whittaker Vs Yoel Romero

Good action in the first round after the previous two duds. Romero is explosive as all hell, getting one takedown. Whittaker stuffed a second one and I have no idea how. Romero threw a kick to Whittaker’s front let and may have injured it. Whittaker landed a nice head kick.

It’s hard to tell about Whittaker’s front leg because he’s still using it, including kicking with it. He landed another head kick. Romero got a takedown, but didn’t do much with it. Whittaker defended him on the ground well. Whittaker gave up his back to get up and Romero clinched him up against the fence. Romero got another one late.

Whittaker was taking it to Romero with front kicks. He was diving into his combinations. Romero took the round off for some reason. He had great footwork to stay out of range, but offensively, he was a minus. Whittaker landed a nice combination at the end of the round, landing on his chin.

Round four was total domination for Whittaker. Romero had nothing. Whittaker was landing smart combinations, using his front kick. He seems to know exactly where Romero is going to defend him and he has a kick or a punch ready for him. Romero essentially took two rounds off. He needs to muster all he has for the fifth round.

Fifth round was one of exhaustion. Neither guy had much on their punches and kicks. Romero was slipping all over the place. Whittaker kicked his foot and Romero went down. Whittaker did some damage on the ground late, getting in full mount at the end and landing shots.

Winner: Robert Whittaker by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 48-47 across the board for Whittaker.

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