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Video – Mayweather Vs McGregor LA Press Conference Notes

Mayweather vs McGregor LA press conference

You can watch the Mayweather vs McGregor LA press conference above and I’ll have notes below.

The first Mayweather vs McGregor press conference comes from the Staples Center in LA. You can stream it above from Showtime’s YouTube channel, but I’ll also be adding important notes below. We’ll be back at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern.

So far, we’re 12 minutes in and it’s Mauro Ranallo, Paulie Malignaggi, and Brendan Schaub are having a discussion on whether Conor McGregor has a chance or not. Schaub, the MMA guy, thinks McGregor is going to produce the greatest upset of all-time.

Schaub also thinks McGregor is the A-side. His paycheck isn’t going to say so.

McGregor is on the stage. He poses for photos and when Floyd Mayweather’s entrance music comes on, 50 Cent’s “I Get Money”, Conor starts dancing.

Floyd had three other ring entrance songs before coming out.

Floyd just stares at Conor while Conor talks trash and does some dancing in front of him. This is already weird. I hope Floyd comes to play here. Boring Floyd isn’t going to work.

(The YouTube stream is pretty bad. And Showtime’s production of the event is horrid in comparison to how UFC produces these things.)

Stephen Espinosa goes first.
– Espinosa puts over Mayweather Promotions and the UFC.
– He puts over All Access, which starts on July 28th.
– Espinosa describes how Mayweather left Bob Arum and talks about generated 20 million PPV buys, which sounds very high.

Richard Sturm, president of MGM Resorts and Entertainment is next, and I think just about everyone fell asleep. McGregor is trying to get the crowd riled up.

Dana White is up next. He’s smiling from ear to ear. He was just there to be Conor’s hype man. Conor is up.
– Conor says that someone’s 0 has got to go.
– He says that Floyd can’t even afford a suit and is wearing a tracksuit.
– Conor says he’s knocking Floyd within 4 rounds.
– He said his movement, power, and ferociousness isn’t what Floyd’s experienced before.
– He says with boxing’s rules, it limits him. If not for boxing’s rules, he’d win in one.
– Conor talks about his son as his main motivation.

Leonard Ellerbe comes out to introduce Floyd. Floyd is now up. He’s getting loose up there.
– Floyd isn’t his best self here. It does look like Conor’s starting to get to him a bit.
– Floyd talks about a 100 million dollar check and Conor makes fun of his IRS issues.
– Floyd says he’s a 9 figure fighter while Conor is only a 7 or 8 figure fighter.
– Floyd says he’s going to knock McGregor out.
– Then he goes on to thanks Conor and Dana and the UFC.
– He says that if Conor wants 8 ounce or 4 ounce gloves, they should use them.
– Floyd called him Mr. Tapout for liking to quit.
– He says that he can give it to Conor right now, but then says they can save it for the PPV.

They had a great faceoff.

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