2017 G1 Climax Awards – Week Two

g1 climax

We’re ready to give out our week two G1 Climax awards.

Week two of the G1 Climax just ended, and like we did for week one, we’re handing out week two awards. Week two consists of nights six through ten.

After ten shows, here’s the standings:

A Block:
Hiroshi Tanahashi – 8
Tetsuya Naito – 6
Zack Sabre Jr. – 6
Hirooki Goto – 6
Bad Luck Fale – 6
Tomohiro Ishii – 6
Togi Makabe – 6
Kota Ibushi – 4
Yuji Nagata – 0

B Block:
Kazuchika Okada – 10
Kenny Omega – 8
EVIL – 8
Minoru Suzuki – 6
Tama Tonga – 4
Michael Elgin – 4
Juice Robinson – 2
Toru Yano – 2
Satoshi Kojima – 0

Week Two MVP

The week one MVP was a lot easier of a decision for me. Kota Ibushi had three tremendous matches during the first week and those three matches still sit in my top five of the best G1 matches so far.

Not that the quality of the shows have diminished all that much in week two, but I think the best week one matches were definitely better than the best week two matches overall. That’s to be expected as you can imagine the guys are hurting a little bit and possibly more tired simply because of how hard they work. While this is completely subjective, out of my top ten favorite matches in the tournament so far, only three of those happened in week two.

I think Big Mike Elgin has had a terrific tournament so far, with two tippity top matches with Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega. Omega himself, when he’s been in important matches, has been fantastic. But I don’t think his consistency has been there yet. You know he’ll dial it up when he needs to. Tomohiri Ishii and Tetsuya Naito had a barnburner on night nine.

But I’m going to have to go with the champ, and the guy I consider to the best wrestler going today, Kazuchika Okada. On night six, he had a great match with SANADA and then came back two nights later to have a much different, but still great match with Satoshi Kojima. Omega came back two days later with Kojima and it wasn’t even close to the same caliber, though I did love the last five minutes. I didn’t think Okada’s match with Juice Robinson was as great, but it was still good work.

Week Two Best Match

I thought there were three matches that could’ve been in contention for best match of week two.

As I stated above, Ishii and Naito had a fantastic match from Aichi that mirrored their G1 Special match from Long Beach in greatness. I also mentioned Okada’s match with SANADA. But my vote has to go to Elgin’s match with Omega on night eight. All of their encounters that I’ve seen have been stellar, but I think this is my favorite one and it might not be close.

G1 Climax 27: Michael Elgin vs Kenny Omega by therealrocknrolla

Week Two Best Show

I really enjoyed night six, which had an all-hoss battle between Elgin and Kojima. Evil and Tama Tonga were on fire all throughout their match. Minoru Suzuki and Juice Robinson had a nice match focused on Robinson having to sell his leg before falling after a Gotch piledriver. And of course, the great main event between Okada and SANADA. But the semi-main didn’t take itself seriously enough for me to consider it. Omega faced Toru Yano in a mostly comedy match, and for what it was, it was enjoyable, but not in the normal G1 way.

The other night I’d consider as the best of the week was night nine. In addition to the Naito/Ibushii match, I really loved Zack Sabre Jr. against Hiroki Goto. I know some felt it was too short, but I liked the pace and length of it. Goto’s physicality matched up well style-wise with the master technician style of Sabre Jr. Togi Makabe beat Yuji Nagata with the King King Knee drop in another all-hoss battle. Nagata was fresh off cupping for his back. What holds this show back from being the best of the week is a just okay Ibushi match with Bad Luck Fale and Hiroshi Tanahashi’s good-but-not-great match with YOSHI-HASHI.

That leaves night eight which featured the above mentioned Omega/Elgin and Okada/Kojima matches both which make my top fifteen so far. The other three matches weren’t of the same quality as the two other cards when it came to the non-main events, but with two matches delivering above and beyond expectations, it wins for me.

Week three has some great matchups as well with Tanahashi facing Ibushi on Tuesday, Naito vs Sabre Jr. on the 4th, and Suzuki vs Big Mike on the 5th.

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