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Video – Samoa Joe Chokes Out Brock Lesnar

Samoa Joe chokes out Brock Lesnar

Samoa Joe chokes out Brock Lesnar on Raw.

In one of the best segments of Raw all year long, Samoa Joe attacked Brock Lesnar from behind and put him in the Coquina Clutch (rear naked choke). Lesnar struggled and fought the choke, but Joe kept it on and sunk it in deeper.

Brock’s neck is so big that it looked like Joe was having trouble keeping it tight, but they worked it well and the crowd almost didn’t know how to react. The WWE crowd seems to react before things happen because they just want to be part of the show. But here, they were reacting to what was going on, which was, the Beast Incarnate was getting his ass handed to him.

After just a few weeks of build, this really does feel like the most important WWE match of the year so far, even more than the Undertaker vs Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33.

Also on the show, LaVar Ball and his sons LaMelo and Lonzo were guests on Miz TV. It was a train wreck of a segment, with LaVar predictably going into business for himself, taking off his shirt and pretending to be Superstar Billy Graham doing his karate gimmick.

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