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Video – Countdown To Bellator NYC

Countdown to Bellator NYC

Watch Spike TV’s Countdown to Bellator NYC.

Some may look at Scott Coker’s Bellator NYC PPV and feel like they don’t want to be snookered into buying something that’s all hype. I can see that. But I can also see some having Jeremy Botter’s perspective, which is to say that it’s akin to a party bus and you don’t want to miss the ride.

Whenever you have Chael Sonnen in the main event, the marketing for the show is going to feel slimy. He says a lot of things and most of them are ripped off from old or current professional wrestling, including how good he is and how good he used to be. You’re going to get that in this Countdown special. But you’re also going to get a slightly different Sonnen. He and his wife discuss tragedy that’s happened to them recently. While it’s terrible what happened, it’s a different look at Sonnen.

Similarly, you get to see Wanderlei Silva with his wife and son in a refreshing look. It’s been over four years since Silva stepped in the cage and I found myself missing him. His last three UFC fights were all Fight Of The Night. It feels like the perfect time for him to get back in the cage, especially against a guy who he really seems to dislike.

The Countdown special also takes a look at Fedor Emelianenko’s first Bellator fight against Matt Mitrione, aka Meat Head. Actually, I don’t know if anyone still calls him Meat Head. You also get to see Mitrione as a single dad, talking about his kids.

There’s not much to Fedor. There’s just footage of him at the press conference and awkwardly sitting around.

Countdown to Bellator NYC is an easy watch. I’m not sure how effective it will be to turn viewers into PPV buyers, but I think Bellator should hit it hard on social media. Both fights should be good and this show has what the UFC is currently missing right now; stars.

UFC still has the better fighters, which generally equates to the best fights, but there’s a lack of star power within the brand and even though only Mitrione is the only guy of the four who is in his prime, all four guys seem like bigger deals than many of UFC’s champions.

At the end of the day, the UFC is still the top promotion by far, but this Bellator show is a nice attempt at making fights feel must-see.

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