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HBO Boxing – Andre Ward Vs Sergey Kovalev Play By Play

Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev play by play
Follow our Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev play by play.

Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev are about to get it on for a second time. It’s the best pound for pound fight in boxing today, even if it feels overshadowed by bigger fights at this point.

We’ll be back with live Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev play by play.

Wow, both National Anthems were bad. The building doesn’t look full. Let’s hope we get a great fight out of this.

Round 1

Ward doesn’t look that small in comparison to Kovalev as he did the first time around. Not sure if that’s real or not, but that’s what it looks like to me. Kovalev landed a nice body shot early. But Ward’s mucking it up on the inside already, tying Kovalev up and being quick on the inside before it’s broken up. Ward landed a left hook and a straight right. Close round, and could go either way.

Round 2

Round 2 started messy again, but about 2/3 the way through Kovalev started landing some stiff jabs. Ward landed a low blow. Kovalev landed a nice combination that Ward felt. Ward fought back. There’s no real rhythm to this fight. Kovalev won round two.

Round 3

Kovalev is trying to bully Ward on the inside, but Ward isn’t giving in or backing up. I still think Kovalev took the third overall as he landed jabs and his right hand a couple times, at least glancingly. Ward’s connections are good, but they’re more one shot at a time, rather than combinations.

Round 4

I gave Ward his first round. I think I’ll lean 10-10 for the first round. Roy Jones Jr. keeps saying that Ward is landing the bigger power shots and they may look bigger live than on TV. Ward was much better defensively and picked his shots offensively better.

Round 5

Ward spent the entire round trying to chop Kovalev down with body shots and Kovalev is starting to look tired. I don’t know that he’s as tired as Roy Jones Jr. is suggesting, but Kovalev does look slightly beaten in a fight that I have even at this point.

Round 6

Kovalev started the round in great fashion and had Ward on his heels a bit. But Ward stopped being hittable and landed a great short left hook right to his chin. Ward turned southpaw late in the round and landed a right hook at the bell. I’d give the round to Kovalev because he was the busier fighter and landed more punches.

Round 7

I think Kovalev eked this one out again. He seems to be taking more punishment than it looks like by the mouse under and on the corner of his right eye. Ward just isn’t active enough to clearly take these rounds. Kovalev seems tired. Ward tapped him right at the belt or just slightly under and tried to get a pause on the time by feigning that he was hurt. That wasn’t very close to a low blow. I have Kovalev up 4-2-1 after 7.

Round 8

This round was ridiculous. Kovalev tried to sell another low shot and it looked like Ward was pissed off. He rocked Kovalev with a right hand and he staggered. Ward smelled blood and started hammering Kovalev to the body to the point that I was wincing at how easily and solidly he was hitting him to the body. He was hitting him hard to the body and Kovalev just keeled over. If Kovalev takes a knee, he probably is able to continue. But referee Tony Weeks calls for the stoppage as Kovalev looks like he wants to throw up.

Winner: Andre Ward by 8th round TKO

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