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The Fight Game Podcast – Okada Vs Omega 2, Dominion, And DJ Vs The UFC With Paul Fontaine (Ep. 2)

fight game podcast

fight game podcast

On the latest Fight Game Podcast, Paul Fontaine joins us to discuss Okada vs Omega 2.

Before we get to what Paul (@PaulAceFontaine) and I discuss, I wanted to let you know that you can find us on our SoundCloud page as well as on our iTunes page.

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Paul runs MMA Draws, which is a website that covers MMA news, show play by play, ratings, and rankings. He’s also a contributor for live coverage of UFC shows at the Wrestling Observer.

Here’s what we discuss:
– Okada vs Omega 2
– Is it the best match of the year?
– What else was good at Dominion?
– Cody Rhodes as a possible match for Okada in Long Beach?
– Demetrious Johnson’s feud with the UFC and how he’s marketed
– What can you do with him?
– Bellator NYC

Check it out.

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