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Bellator NYC Live Coverage – Sonnen Vs Silva

bellator nyc

If you’re not watching Bellator NYC on PPV, follow along with us.

Bellator’s second PPV looks to be a fun card. For the more casual UFC fans, a UFC rivalry that never got paid off will happen tonight as Chael Sonnen faces of against Wanderlei Silva. For the old Pride fans, not only is Silva fighting, but Fedor Emelianenko makes his Bellator debut against Matt Mitrione.

It’s also the debut of Aaron Pico, the much heralded prospect with a boxing and amateur wrestling background.

We’ll be back once the PPV portion of the show begins with live coverage.

Lorenz Larkin Vs Douglas Lima

Safe first round for both. It was close, but neither guy was going to take any chances. Lima was using leg kicks to try and open Larkin up. Larkin landed a good right hand, which may have been the most solid strike of the fight so far.

Lima landed a big left hook that put Larkin down and it looked like the fight was going to be stopped. But Larkin withstood and ended the round back on his feet. Right before that happened, Larkin was winning the round, but got a bit reckless.

Larkin seems a bit apprehensive now. Lima is just waiting for him to open up a bit so he can counter. Larkin isn’t doing enough to clearly win rounds. He looks a little worried about getting hit, which after that left hand he took, is understandable.

The round was close until Larkin tried to close the distance with Lima who had his back against the cage. Lima tripped him and put him down and got side control. Larkin was doing better in that round up until that point. It was a close round.

Larkin was more active and Lima took his foot off the gas a bit. It shouldn’t matter as Lima should win the fight at least 3-2.

Winner: Douglas Lima by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 50-45, 48-47, and 48-47.

Zach Freeman Vs Aaron Pico

That went against the script. Pico went right at him and fired a shot, but he was hit with an uppercut which dropped him to a knee. Freeman immediately went to a guillotine and Pico had to tap.

Winner: Zach Freeman by way of first round submission

Brent Primus Vs Michael Chandler

Something happened to either Chandler’s knee or ankle and he can’t stay up. His ankle keeps collapsing. It happened four or five times. Primus kept attacking his front leg with kicks. Every time Chandler looked like he was better, his foot would collapse on him. Then he landed a right hand that knocked Primus to the ground and he tried to rush him to end it, but the foot kept collapsing like he was going to break his ankle. The referee stopped the fight to check on his ankle, which should officially end the fight. Primus wins.

Winner: Brent Primus by way of first round TKO

Chandler wanted to get back in there, but it was stopped. He was sitting on the stool while the referee was checking on his ankle. He stood up and tried to get the crowd to cheer him and then sit back down, but his team pulled the stool and he fell. Not his best night.

Matt Mitrione Vs Fedor Emelianenko

Mitrione was feinting and bouncing around and Fedor wasn’t reacting well. They both threw big punches and hit each other at exactly the same time. Mitrione got up first and finished Fedor on the ground with short uppercuts and then a big right hand on the ground.

Winner: Matt Mitrione by way of first round TKO

Dave Marfone Vs Neiman Gracie

This is the swing bout since the PPV has had so many short fights.

Gracie got an early takedown. Marfone didn’t want to have anything to do with the ground. He was trying to land big strikes, but it was awkward standup. They almost conked heads. Marfone got a guillotine late in the first round, but Gracie made a motion with his hands that showed he wasn’t in trouble and the round ended.

Gracie got a rear naked choke in and Marfone tapped.

Winner: Neiman Gracie by way of 2nd round submission.

Chael Sonnen Vs Wanderlei Silva

Sonnen led with a kick, Silva looked ready to throw and then Sonnen got a takedown. He didn’t necessarily shoot quickly, but he still got it. He landed several big shots. Silva eventually got up and Sonnen kept him against the cage. Sonnen put his head down and threw a left hand, but Silva landed a right hand and Sonnen went down. Sonnen pushed him off and then got Silva on his back. The round ended with Sonnen on top.

Sonnen came out with a flying knee. He put his head down and tried to punch, but Silva caught him. Chael went low and got a takedown and Silva stuck him in a guillotine. They sat in the position forever. Mauro Ranallo said it wasn’t the mannequin challenge. They were stood up and Sonnen got the takedown again. The rounded ended with Silva defending the bottom. This fight sucks.

Chael got Silva down again and both guys seem to be thankful that they can just lay on each other. Chael looked to be grabbing a kimura, but it didn’t last. Sonnen jumped from side control to mount late in the fight, but neither guy had any energy to do anything.

Winner: Chael Sonnen by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 30-26, 30-27, and 30-27.

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