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WrestleMania 33 Live Coverage

WrestleMania 33 live coverage

Follow along with our WrestleMania 33 live coverage.

If you missed any of the preshow action, we covered it earlier today.

It’s finally WWE’s big day of the year. We’ll have all angles covered for you here. I hope everyone has a great WrestleMania day.

We’ll be back with live coverage of the entire show.

They did three matches on the preshow which means there are ten matches for the main card.

The New Day is out with their ice cream cart.

Shane McMahon and AJ Styles is the opener.

Shane McMahon Vs AJ Styles

Styles is trying to show up Shane, but Shane is holding his own. Shane wanted to throw hands, but AJ wanted to wrestle. Then AJ landed a big right hand and Shane started throwing crazy punches. Shane was outside the ring and AJ threw a drop kick just over the top of the bottom rope and Shane took a bump over the announcer’s table.

This is less of a match as it comes to putting together something that looks like a fight and is more of a series of spots of punches, if that makes any sense.

Shane looks really tired and AJ is basically wrestling himself in some of these situations. AJ bounced Shane, giving him a stunner, but using the top rope. He went for the Springboard 450, but dove right into a triangle.

Styles picked him up like he was going to powerbomb him, but turned it into a Styles Clash. He only had one arm locked in. Shane kicked out at two.

They were in the corner and AJ went to kick Shane, but hit the ref instead. Then he gave Shane the Pele kick. AJ set Shane up in the corner for the coast to coast, but was going to use the top rope to springboard himself. He set up Shane with the trash can. Instead, Shane tossed the trash can at him.

He then setup AJ in the same spot and gave him the coast to coast drop kick. AJ kicked out at two. Shane put AJ on the announcer’s table and jumped from the top rope, but AJ got out of the way and Shane flew onto the table.

AJ tossed him back into the ring and went for the Phenomenal Forearm and Shane turned it into a DDT. He went to the top and crossed himself. He did a Shooting Star but missed. AJ did the Phenomenal Forearm to win the match. Shane flew like crazy for him.

Winner: AJ Styles

Kevin Owens Vs Chris Jericho

List of JerichoJericho came out with a light-up scarf. There’s also a large List of Jericho at the ramp.

They slowed the match down a bit after starting fast. Jericho started to take offense. He jumped off the top rope and hit a back elbow. He then hit a Franksteiner off the top rope, but not as good as the one in the Neville/Aries match. Owens missed both the heaviest frog splash ever when Jericho got his knees up. Then he missed a senton off the top rope in the same way.

Owens caught Jericho and swung him around, sitting down on him like a sideway slam. Owens went for the pop-up powerbomb, but Jericho countered. Owens caught Jericho in the Walls of Jericho. Owens gave Jericho the cannon ball in the corner, but Jericho caught him and put him in the Walls.

Owens finally caught Jericho in the pop-up powerbomb, but Jericho kicked out at two. Jericho hit the Code Breaker after countering the pop-up powerbomb for a two count. Owens got a finger on the bottom rope.

Outside the ring, Owens hit Jericho with the powerbomb on the apron, threw him back into the ring and won the match.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Bayley Vs Nia Jax Vs Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte

Welp, Nia Jax went out first. Rather than do something creative, they gave her a triple powerbomb and piled on top of her for the pin. It’s now a three-way.

Charlotte told the two of them to fight each other and walked to the outside. Charlotte did a twisting moonsault to the floor. It was perfect.

Back inside, Charlotte went for the Natural Selection, but Sasha countered her into the Bank Statement.

Sasha came off the top rope onto Charlotte with her knees on Charlotte’s shoulders. She then went back to the Bank Statement. Sasha rolled Charlotte up, but Charlotte kicked out and Sasha rammed into the second turnbuckle and was pinned.

It’s now down to Charlotte and Bayley. Charlotte missed the moonsault off the top rope in the ring. She sunk in the figure four.

The match had a weird finish. Charlotte had Bayley tied up on the top rope. Bayley suplexed Charlotte off the top, but hung onto the top rope by her feet. She then dove off the top rope with the Macho Man elbow for the win.

Winner: Bayley

Enzo and Big Cass Vs Sheamus and Cesaro Vs Gallows and Anderson Vs The Hardy Boyz

Well, it happened. The Hardy Boyz are back.

Both Gallows and Anderson received Poetry In Motion. Cesaro nearly got his leg caught in one of the ladder rungs. Big Cass gave Matt a big boot and then Jeff jumped off the top rope and ate another.

Cesaro gave Anderson the big slam and for every revolution, Sheamus gave Gallows the big forearm.

Enzo went to grab the ladder and walk up. Cass piggy backed him to get him up there faster, but Cass was powerbombed onto the ladder that was in the corner. Anderson caught him and tossed him off into a Cesaro uppercut.

Matt Hardy gave Anderson a twist of face from the top of the ladder. Cesaro and Sheamus were on ladders that were connected to from the apron to the barricade. Jeff did a front flip onto them and then Matt climbed the belt to win the match. Then Matt started to the delete with the fans.

Winner: The Hardy Boyz

The Miz and Maryse Vs John Cena and Nikki Bella

Lots of bad Miz offense and bad Cena selling, but the crowd seems to be enjoying it. Cena actually made the hot tag to Nikki. Nikki dove outside onto the Miz. Couldn’t have made her neck feel good.

WrestleMania proposalCena dumped Miz and Nikki dumped Maryse. They set-up two Five Knuckle Shuffles. Then Nikki hit her facebuster and Cena hit the AA for the double pin.

Winner: John Cena and Nikki Bella

Cena grabbed a microphone and told Nikki a story when she was about to have neck surgery and was loopy. He told her that he told her that he was going to marry her someday. He said she said yes and today, he needs her to say yes one more time.

She said yes.

Triple H Vs Seth Rollins

Triple H came out on a huge motorcycle with police escorts.

Rollins looks to have a somewhat bulky knee brace under his tights, but he wasn’t limping while going down the entrance.

They’re selling that Rollins has a 103 degree fever. He did two suicide dives to the outside.

Sometimes Rollins’ knee isn’t strong enough and sometimes it is. He wasn’t able to powerbomb Triple H and his knee buckled, but he was able to give him the buckle bomb and then dove to the outside on Triple H.

Back inside the ring, Rollins did a frog splash onto Triple H’s back. He got a two count. Triple H brought a steel chair into the ring and started to Pillman-ize his knee. Triple H was going to jump off the top rope onto the ankle, but Rollins threw the chair at him. Rollins gave him a superplex and then rolled into a Falcon’s Arrow for a two count.

Rollins went to the top and Stephanie pushed him and his knee hung onto the top rope. Triple H did a reverse figure four on his knee. Rollins countered into a crossface. Back on the outside, Triple H leg locked him again and Seth went underneath the ring to try and find something to help him get out. He found a sledge hammer, but tossed it to the side and Triple H was excited to get it.

He was about to hit Rollins with it, but Rollins gave him an enziguiri and picked up the sledge hammer. Stephanie grabbed it from him and then he ate a Pedigree for a two count. Triple H tried to give him a Pedigree off the top, but Rollins tossed him off. He then hit a Phoenix Splash for a two count.

They traded Pedigree attempts and Triple H hit the bad knee again. Stephanie got involved again and took a bump through the table which pissed Triple H off.

He turned back around and ate a Pedigree. Seth finally won.

Winner: Seth Rollins

The Pitbull, Stephen Marley, and Flo Rida segment came and went.

Bray Wyatt Vs Randy Orton

They’re doing some different stuff in this match. Bray went into the corner and did his pose and then a spotlight was put on the ring and the arena darkened. There was a video of magots projected onto the ring. They did it again with worms.

Bray has tried to hit the Sister Abigail twice, but Orton has been able to counter it. Orton hit the RKO on the floor after Bray ran toward him and missed a clothesline. He got a two count.

Orton went for the punt, but missed. Bray missed the Sister Abigail again. Orton went for the RKO and ran into a Sister Abigail for a two count. Bray set up for the Sister Abigail again and the arena darkened and this time, flies were shown in the ring, but instead, Orton hit the RKO for the victory.

Winner: Randy Orton

Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg

Brock hits 3 German suplexes to start the match and Goldberg immediately spears him twice. The second one looked fierce and Brock may have banged his head on that one.

Then, Goldberg speared him on the outside and through the barricade. Goldberg went for the Jackhammer, but Brock turned it into the F5. Goldberg got out and hit another spear. Goldberg then put him in the Jackhammer and Lesnar kicked out.

He went for the spear again, but Lesnar leap frogged him and he hit the turnbuckle.

Lesnar hit seven Germans in a row and the F5.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Alexa Bliss Vs Becky Lynch Vs Mickie James Vs Carmella Vs Natalya Vs Naomi

This was a lot of moves.

Natalya did a double sharpshooter on Mickie James and Naomi. Naomi gave Alexa the Rear View. Mickie hit her finisher as well.

But in the end, Naomi did a finisher on Alexa in which she tried to make Alexa’s shoulders touch together.

Winner: Naomi

Roman Reigns Vs The Undertaker

Jim Ross walked down the ramp to announce the match.

They started quickly, with Taker going right after Reigns with big right hands. Reigns clotheslined him using the top rope, then he clotheslined him outside the ring and over the top rope. But Taker landed on his feet.

Reigns got the upper hand and hit the Samoan Drop. Back outside, Taker put Reigns on his shoulders, but Taker pushed him head first into the steel post. Then he hit him with his jumping kick.

Taker did his snake eyes into the big boot and leg drop. Reigns left the ring again and tried to do a jumping kick on Taker, but ate a right hand. Reigns was chokeslammed on the announcer’s table, but it didn’t break. Taker was getting ready to tombstone him on the announcer’s table, but Reigns double legged him through it.

Taker hit the Last Ride on Roman for a two count. Taker started working on Roman. He chokeslammed him on the chair and then tombstoned him. Roman kicked out at two.

Reigns took offense with several Superman punches and a couple spears, but Taker keeps kicking out. The crowd’s finally getting into it again with these kickouts. Taker sat up and then fell over. Taker said that Roman didn’t have the balls to end him. Roman ran the ropes a couple times to get the momentum for a super spear and finished him off.

Winner: The Undertaker

After the match, Taker sat up while the fans were clapping for him.

He then put all of his gear back on and was ready to leave the ring. He stopped himself and took the gloves off and put them in the ring. He took off his jacket, folded it, and put it on top of the gloves. He took his hat off and put it on top of the jacket. He went to Michelle McCool and gave her a kiss and started walking all the way back up the ramp. He put his fist up in the air and then went down the platform that brought him to the ring.

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