NXT TakeOver: Orlando Live Coverage – Bobby Roode Vs Shinsuke Nakamura

NXT TakeOver: Orlando

Follow along with our NXT TakeOver: Orlando live coverage.

This is probably the least hyped NXT TakeOver show, maybe ever. But it still features some really good matches on the card and I don’t imagine it will disappoint.

SAnity Vs Tye Dillinger, Ruby Riot, Roderick Strong, and Kassius Ohno

Originally, No Way Jose was supposed to be on the babyface side, but SAnity beat him up before the show and Ohno is his replacement.

Early heat was on Roddy, which fed into the hot tag to Dillinger who ran wild. Dillinger took out the entire team nearly before being snuck up on by Dane who hit him with the One Winged Angel for the pin.

The match was a great way to open the show with lots of action spilling outside. Though, I really hate Ohno’s basketball uniform inspired gear.

Winner: SAnity

Andrade “Cien” Almas Vs Aleister Black

So happy to see the former Tommy End in NXT.

I probably like Almas’ character better than most as I think he’s an easily dislikable character. But he’s got to be a babyface in this version of his character to really do all his stuff and get over. But this was a nice matchup in getting over what both guys can do.

Both guys used a lot of kicks and after a 50/50 back and forth, Black won with a spin kick to the head.

Winner: Aleister Black

The Revival Vs DIY Vs Authors Of Pain

Immediately, AOP were dumped outside so the other two teams could go at it in a regular old tag match. A lot of the psychology of the match was to take out the big guys, including one of them going through a table after a lot of struggle.

There was some interesting psychology here. Dawson had one of the AOP in a reverse figure four. Gargano was hesitant because he didn’t know if he wanted to attack Dawson, or get AOP to submit and thus, be eliminated. He chose to crossface him. The other AOP member who went through the table, finally got back up and busted through the line of defense to break up the submission.

The Revival and DIY continued working together with each team giving an AOP member their finisher. They faced off again and Dawson superplexed Ciampa off the top rope and to the outside. The other four guys were there to catch them. Then AOP gave the Last Chapter to Ciampa and DIY was eliminated.

AOP vs The Revival was brutal. Tons of power moves and the big guys just beat the hell out of the little guys. They finally finished it off by hitting their collider powerbombs and pinned Dawson.

This turned into an excellent match.

Winner: Authors of Pain

Ember Moon Vs Asuka

This was one of the harder hitting women’s matches you’ll see. Asuka usually takes most of her matches, but in this case, Moon got a lot of offense in. There wasn’t a ton of selling. They went move-to-move quickly.

Moon went to the top rope and Asuka caught her. But she pushed Asuka down, setting up her stunner from the top rope. Before she was going to jump, Asuka pushed the referee into the ropes which caused Moon to fall. Asuka threw a kick to the head while she was sitting down and it was over.

Winner: Asuka

Drew McIntyre is sitting in the crowd before the main event.

Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Bobby Roode

I thought we were in for a clunker early on as this match started slower than molasses. As expected, it built toward a great and dramatic finish, with Roode beating Nakamura to defend his championship, which hopefully means that Nakamura is headed to the big roster.

Midway through the match, Roode was able to hurt Nakamura’s knee again, putting him in a figure four, which Nakamura reversed into an armbar.

The finish had Roode hitting a spinebuster as a counter to the Kinshasa. He then hit a tornado DDT to finish him off.

There were a few nearfalls in there as well and really, Nakamura’s charisma and selling carried the match. Roode was solid throughout.

Winner: Bobby Roode

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