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ROH 15th Anniversary Live Coverage – Adam Cole Vs Christopher Daniels

ROH 15th Anniversary

ROH 15th Anniversary

We have live coverage of the ROH 15th Anniversary show.

ROH’s 15th Anniversary show comes from Sam Town’s Live in Las Vegas. Christopher Daniels tries to win the World Title. The Hardy Boys beat the Young Bucks for the ROH tag straps and they defend against the Bucks and Roppingi Vice in a triple threat Vegas street fight.

We’ll be back with live coverage.

Kenny King Vs Jay White

King has either lost a lot of athleticism, or he just had a bad night. He was out of position on a simple drop kick early on.

White won on a roll-up after King did his John Cena impersonation catching White off the top rope and rolling through to put him on his shoulders.

The match was decent, but not fantastic. I don’t like White’s Kenny Omega haircut.

Winner: Jay White

Frankie Kazarian Vs Adam Page Vs Chris Saban Vs Punishment Martinez Vs Cheeseburger Vs Silas Young

It’s a 6-way match with the number one contender spot for the TV title.

Frankie Kazarian pinned Cheeseburger after a stunner.

The match was a ton of highspots like you’d expect. Punishment Martinez’s springboard dive to the outside was one of the more impressive ones. Silas Young and Cheeseburger worked near the end, setting up Cheeseburger’s Shote palm strike.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Bobby Fish Vs Jay Lethal

Fish was using kicks early on, front kicking Lethal out of the ring. Lethal did a dive to the outside, but Fish moved out of the way and Lethal went head first into the rail. He was selling his shoulder. Well, at least for 10 seconds.

Fish had Lethal in a kneebar for a short time. Lethal got to the ropes, but he was selling his leg. He hit the elbow off the top rope, hit a cutter on Fish who came off the top. He went for the Lethal Injection, but Fish kicked his bad leg and put him back into the knee bar, or maybe it was a heel hook. Lethal finally hit the Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

That was a really good match. They did enough, but not too much to outshine the top matches.

Dalton Castle and The Boys Vs Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia, and TK O’Ryan

TK O’Ryan may have hurt his ankle on a springboard moonsault to the outside. He banged the top of his feet on the outside rail.

The match was solid. They set up the hot tag for Castle, but the boys were his downfall. Taven and Marseglia hit a powerbomb neckbreaker on one of the boys for the victory. Looks like they went home early because of the injury.

Winner: Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia, and TK O’Ryan

Lio Rush Vs Marty Scurll

Match started with Scurll breaking Rush down by attacking his hand, elbows, and shoulder with grips and stomps. He was breaking him down methodically. Whenever Rush got a comeback, Scurll would stop him and go back to work.

Scurll worked the Chicken Wing for a bit, and eventually won with it, but not after a lot of near fall and kickouts by both guys. Scurll kicked out of the frog splash. Rush kicked out of a draped cutter and a piledriver.

Rush set up chairs outside the ring and looked to try and suplex Scurll out to the floor and onto the chairs. Thankfully, no one went through them.

Winner: Marty Scurll

That was a really good match, but there was stuff in it that made it hard to suspend disbelief.

War Machine and Davey Boy Smith Jr. Vs The Briscoes and Bully Ray

Bully Ray hit the 3-D on Rowe to win the match. War Machine held the match together with the Briscoes for the most part. Smith and Bully Ray were in for their big man spots.

Smith and War Machine started arguing during the match and then after the match, War Machine blamed it on Smith.

Winner: The Briscoes and Bully Ray

Roppongi Vice Vs The Young Bucks Vs The Hardy Boys

This is a Las Vegas Street Fight.

Sheesh, they did everything you could imagine. Jeff did a flip over the ladder and through Trent Barretta who was perched onto a table that only had one set of legs, so was sitting on the middle rope, to win the match.

Rocky Romero put on an arm sleeve that supposedly had thumbtacks sticking out of it and clotheslined all four guys in the corner. Barretta also brought out thumbtacks. He took the tacks face first and then the Bucks put tacks in his mouth and hit him with a super kick. Everyone had tacks in them.

Winner: The Hardy Boys

Christopher Daniels Vs Adam Cole

The match started out slowly, but Daniels tossed Cole outside the ring and hit his springboard moonsault. Cole ran him into the side of the ring and then missed a super kick, but kind of caught him on the side of the head with his shin. Daniels knocked his head against the post. Daniels was cut open.

The crowd had a hard time getting into it after the craziness of the last match. Near the end, there was a ref bump and Kazarian came back out. He held Daniels so Cole could hit him with the belt. Daniels moved and then Kazarian told Cole he wanted to hit Daniels with the belt. Instead, he threw the belt out of the ring and tore off his Bullet Club shirt to show a Destiny shirt. He flipped Cole off.

Daniels hit Cole with a urinagi and then hit the Best Moonsault Ever 3 times and won the match. Daniels is the new champ.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

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