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UK Championship Tournament Live Coverage – Day Two

UK Championship tournament

UK Championship tournament

Check out our live coverage of day two of the UK Championship Tournament on the WWE Network.

If you missed day one of the tournament, you can see our coverage from yesterday.

Here’s how the tournament looks going into today:

UK championship tournament

We’ll be back with live coverage of day two.

Pete Dunne Vs Sam Gradwell

Gradwell showed fire early on. He was clearly upset at the sucker punch from last night. Gradwell went to the top rope for his headbutt, but Dunne rolled out of the ring. He then hit a dive on him in the outside. Back in the ring, Dunne set Gradwell in the middle of the top rope and just pushed him backward. Gradwell made it back into the ring at 9 before Dunne slammed him in the corner with his legs hitting the buckle and got the pin. He then gave him the Bitter End flatliner finisher after the match was over.

Winner: Pete Dunne

Mark Andrews Vs Joseph Connors

Andrews walked the barricade and did a front flip onto Conners. Connors followed with a slingshot flatliner remover of some sort from the outside. Andrews hit his counter stunner and then shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Mark Andrews

Trent Seven Vs Wolfgang

On the outside, Wolfgang did a moonsault off the barricade and onto the floor, selling his leg. As he was celebrating, Seven did a dive outside. There’s not a lot of room to do dives.

There was some nice back and forth late in the match. Wolfgang hit a real superplex from the top rope. Seven tried his lariat, but it was reversed and Wolfgang slammed him and missed a moonsault. Seven tried to set up his lariat a couple times, finally getting it for a two count.

Wolfgang is bleeding from his nose. Wolfgang won with a senton to Seven’s back.

Winner: Wolfgang

Tyler Bate Vs Jordan Devlin

This match wasn’t as good as the prior match. I think Devlin tried to play heel too hard. Bate won with his Tyler Driver 97.

Winner: Tyler Bate

Mark Andrews Vs Pete Dunne

They started hot. Andrews is great. He was ready to do the standing moonsault, but instead, gave himself more room and rotated over more and landed with the back of his head on Dunne’s abdomen. He then hit a hurricanrana from the top. Dunne was on the outside and Andrews tried a moonsault, but Dunne caught him and then slammed him on the corner of the ring.

Dunne did a weird suplex on the outside where he sort of turned it into a powerbomb, but more so let him drop rather than slammed him. Dunne’s trying to get the countout again, but Andrews ran in at the count of nine. Dunne stomped him on the side of the head several times. Why would anyone suplex Andrews? Dunne went for a suplex and Andrews hit the counter stunner for a two count.

Andrews went to the top for a shooting star and looked to land it, but instead, Dunne caught him and cradled him for a two count. Andrews counted the Bitter End twice. The first time, he jumped off the second rope and Dunne cracked him with an elbow. Andrews came off the top again, but Dunne got out of the way. He suplexed him into the buckle, then finally hit the Bitter End to win. That was a hot match.

Winner: Pete Dunne

Tyler Bate Vs Wolfgang

Match was designed for a Bate to get a great comeback and underdog win. Wolfgang took most of the match with power moves and the idea was that Bate might’ve been too small to get him in the Tyler Driver 97. He wasn’t. He beat him with it “outta nowhere”.

Winner: Tyler Bate

After the match, Dunne came in and tossed Bate into the corner buckles twice, injuring his shoulder. Nigel mentioned that Dunne liked to use a double wristlock which could be bad news for Bate’s shoulder. Regal got into his face in the back.

Neville came out to say that he should be the UK champ by default.

Neville Vs Tommy End

I thought End’s WWE name was Aleister Black? Oh well.

This was great too. End’s kicks are fantastic and Neville’s instant offense was great too. They didn’t go all out so as to not overshadow the main event. Neville won with the Red Arrow.

Winner: Neville

Bate has an injured AC joint in his shoulder, so either, we get evil, maniacal Dunne winning, or an upset win in the main event.

Finn Balor came out to a nice pop. He didn’t say much, only introducing the main event.

Pete Dunne Vs Tyler Bate

Bate is out with the kinesiology tape on his shoulder like Cesaro wears.

Bate is being careful. Nigel said he looked scared, but I don’t think that’s the emotion here. He’s careful and defensive, anticipating everything that Dunne may do. Dunne slapped him in the face and he smiled it off. Dunne immediately worked on the shoulder.

Bate was a tremendous babyface. He did his airplane spin with three different sets of revolutions. Dunne sunk him into a triangle and Bate powered out of it with his bad arm. He dove outside of the ring backward with the Fosbury Flop and did a flip. He threw Dunne back in and did a front flip off the top rope for a two count.

Back in, Dunne gave him the Bitter End and Bate kicked out. Dunne then put him in a kimura. Bate tried to crawl to the ropes, but Dunne pulled him back into the middle. They both stood up, with Dunne still having the kimura on, but triangling his legs behind Bate. Bate then pulled off a vertical suplex which was tough. Bate did two front roll kicks and then hit the Tyler Driver 97 for the win.

Winner: Tyler Bate

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