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UK Championship Tournament Live Coverage – Day One

UK Championship tournament

UK Championship tournament

Check out our live coverage of the UK Championship Tournament on the WWE Network.

It feels a little like the old days when a Clash of the Champions would come show up in the middle of the week, or a WWE special would show up on a random Sunday. Lots of hardcore wrestling fans will be watching this tournament this weekend and really, I have no idea what to be prepared for, except that I expect some great wrestling.

We’ll be back with live coverage of day one.

Triple H came out to introduce the tournament to the live fans. Oh, and of course to get a pop. Michael Cole introduced Nigel McGuinness as his broadcast partner.

They’re also doing introduction videos for each competitor, much like they did with the Cruiserweight tournament.

Andy Shepherd is your ring announcer.

These are all first round matchups with the rest of the tournament to be finished tomorrow.

Trent Seven Vs HC Dyer

Seven started with chops and Dyer laughed one off. Dyer hit a big drop kick and they spilled outside. Seven landed more chops, or as Jim Ross called them last night, reverse knife edges. Then he missed and hit the ring post.

Dyer landed a big right hand for a two count. He missed a frog splash, which led to Seven hitting a spinning backfist and then a lariat for the win.

Winner: Trent Seven

Danny Burch Vs Jordan Devlin

Devlin’s interacting with the crowd a lot as the heel. He was also trained by Finn Balor, which makes his heelness a bit interesting. Burch has worked in NXT.

Burch threw a clothesline, but didn’t let Devlin go over the top, then hit a huge lariat for a two count. Then, he transitioned into a crossface nicely.

There was a weird finish. Somehow, Burch was busted open on the back of his head. Devlin went to cover him and Burch kicked out right at 3. Devlin kicked him in the back of the head. So maybe Burch was really knocked loopy a bit.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Saxon Huxley Vs Sam Gradwell

Crowd seemed a bit uninspired here. Our own Duan said he had no idea who these guys were. Gradwell hit a nice lariat (a big trend tonight), and then hit a flying headbutt off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Sam Gradwell

Roy Johnson Vs Pete Dunne

It’s pretty clear Dunne is a huge favorite here, but he’s also doing his best to make Johnson look good. Johnson’s promo before the match started was excellent.

You can tell Johnson is really green and Dunne’s doing his best to make him look good, as well as put on a bit of a showcase for the fans.

Johnson came off the second rope and was met with Dunne’s right hand. Dunne finished him off with a pumphandle flatliner.

Winner: Pete Dunne

Wolfgang Vs Tyson T-Bone

T-Bone jumped him to start the match. It’s maybe the most 50/50 match so far. Both guys are definitely getting their stuff in. T-Bone tossed Wolfgang out to the floor. He then pushed him into the steel post and tried to get a countout win.

Back in the ring, Wolfgang ended it with a senton off the top rope. Wolfgang was fun.

Winner: Wolfgang

James Drake Vs Joseph Connors

Connors was aggressive and took the first half of the match. Drake didn’t even really get a true comeback. They didn’t work too well near the end, but Connors caught him with a back elbow that he turned into a backbreaker and then finished him off with a flatliner.

Winner: Joseph Connors

Dan Moloney Vs Mark Andrews

Andrews has the crowd back into the show with his standing moonsault and just his athleticism in general.

He countered Moloney with a stunner which lead right into a shooting star press. That was a nice way to maximize his minutes on WWE TV.

Winner: Mark Andrews

Tucker Vs Tyler Bate

This was such a fun match. Both guys are really strong. Bate did about 20 revolutions on an airplane spin. Tucker superkicked him all the way outside of the ring. I guess he wasn’t that dizzy.

Bate finished him off with a what Nigel called a Tyler Driver 97.

Winner: Tyler Bate

Tomorrow, they’ll crown a champion.

Before the show was over, they did a nice boxing/UFC nose to nose with each matchup. Before the show went off air, Pete Dunne sucker punched Sam Gradwell and William Regal got in his face.

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