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UFC Fight Night: Rodríguez Vs Penn Live Coverage

Rodríguez Vs Penn Live Coverage

Rodríguez Vs Penn Live Coverage

Check out our Rodríguez vs Penn live coverage.

When BJ Penn fights, I guess I have to watch. There are also some good fights on the undercard.

Sergio Pettis Vs John Moraga

These guys really started to let their hands go in the second half of the round. Pettis was using his length very well, staying out of Moraga’s reach. He wobbled him late in the round and then dropped him right near the bell. Moraga also has a cut around his eye.

The round was much closer than the first, but I think Pettis’ strikes still did more damage. Late in the round, Moraga went for a takedown, but nearly ended up in a guillotine. He’s going to have to swing for the fences a bit more in the third.

This was pretty much an even round, though a late takedown by Pettis may have helped him. His first round was stronger than any other part of this fight.

Winner: Sergio Pettis by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 30-27, 29-28, and 29-28.

Ben Saunders Vs Court McGee

This is a TUF special.

This was a kickboxing match for the entire round. Nothing too inspired, but Saunders was using his length to pepper him to the body with kicks. McGee was the aggressor and stood right in there to take shots to give shots. Always love his toughness. Tough round to score.

Second round was just as tough to score. Saunders landed some nice high kicks, but whenever McGee wants to dig in, he can get right inside. If I had to lean toward anyone in that round, probably Saunders, but it’s close. I couldn’t pick a winner so far. It’s possible whoever wins the third round wins the fight.

I think McGee thinks he’s winning because he took the fight to the ground and Saunders couldn’t really do anything while there. But it’s an awfully close fight to simply try and wait out the last round.

Winner: Ben Saunders by way of unanimous decision

The scores were all 29-28 for Saunders.

Marcin Held Vs Joe Lauzon

Lauzon is putting everything into his strikes. Held had him up against the fence and he was dropping pointed elbows at Held. He ended up on top and went for a kimura. Held got out of there, but Lauzon just missed with a huge punch. Held had Lauzon down and was controlling him in side control. But Lauzon maneuvered around the cage and ended up back on his feet nicely.

Held was able to smother Lauzon and get him down easily. Best sequence in the round was Lauzon first trying what I thought was going to be an omoplata, but instead was an armbar attempt. Held was patient through it and eventually got out, but it was a scary few seconds there. I have the first two rounds split.

Held turned it into a wrestling match in the third and Lauzon couldn’t really do anything. I have Held winning the fight.

Winner: Joe Lauzon by way of split decision

This was a wacky scorecard. Someone gave Lauzon every round. The other rounds were split with 29-28 going both ways. After the fight Lauzon said that was Held’s fight all the way.

Yair Rodríguez Vs BJ Penn

Rodríguez’s striking is so varied while all Penn can do is come forward. He’s also so much quicker than Penn. He went low with leg kicks early and then peppered Penn, bloodying his nose. He nearly floored Penn with a kick. Penn’s wobbly and slow. This isn’t going to end well. Right as Rodríguez was starting to stalk him, Penn landed a nice right hand, but Rodríguez just walked through it. He is blistering Penn with kicks. That’s a 10-8.

Rodríguez came out with a kick and then a right hand that drops Penn. He followed him to the ground, but Penn was defending himself well. Rodríguez didn’t let up though and Big John eventually had to stop it.

Winner: Yair Rodríguez by way of 2nd round TKO

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