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Bellator 170 Live Coverage – Sonnen Vs Ortiz

Sonnen vs Ortiz

Sonnen vs Ortiz

We have live Sonnen vs Ortiz coverage that you can follow.

This is one of those tent pole shows for Bellator, designed to pop a good rating featuring fighters of yesteryear who can still bring casual eyeballs to TV sets.

I don’t know what either man has left, but it was probably the right fight for Bellator at this time. We’ll be back in a bit with live coverage of the main card.

Derek Campos Vs Derek Anderson

These guys are winging it. Campos put Anderson on his knee and then Anderson acted like Campos wasn’t bringing it. He also lost his mouthpiece somewhere in there. Anderson threw a late combination and Campos looked to slip. These guys are just unloading their right hands. That was fun.

Anderson kind of reminds me of Forrest Griffin when it comes to his stand up. He’ll take some nasty shots in order to give them. And every time he takes a big shot, it looks like he’s going to die. Campos really turned it on in the end, dropping Anderson to a knee with an uppercut and then unloading late.

Anderson started to pick it up a bit and Campos decided to go to the ground. Super close round, but I think I have it for Campos 2-1.

Winner: Derek Campos by way of unanimous decision

All the judges had it 29-28 for Campos.

Emmanuel Sanchez Vs Georgi Karakhanyan

There was a lot of kickboxing early on. It was like pro wrestling striking where one guy threw a high kick and then it was the other guy’s turn to throw a high kick. The fight went to the ground and Sanchez had a rear naked choke to end the bell.

Sanchez was back doing ground work. And then the fight got weird. Sanchez was hit with an upkick when he wasn’t fully standing, which paused the fight. He was given a chance to rest, but he was fine. Then, Sanchez threw a knee to the head while Karakhanyan was on his knee. Karakhanyan didn’t get docked a point for his illegal kick, but the referee socked Sanchez for his. That was weird.

This thing might end in a draw. Georgi Karakhanyan held Sanchez in a body lock for the entire round. Nothing else really happened.

Winner: Emmanuel Sanchez by way of majority decision

It looks like two judges gave Sanchez a 9-8 in the second round.

Ralek Gracie Vs Hisaki Kato

Gracie is very defensive and unless Kato moves forward, nothing really happens. Kato had a few moments striking, but Gracie pretty much had nothing.

The second round was very similar, but Kato landing some nice shots late, but nothing happening outside of that.

This is one of the most boring fights I’ve seen in awhile. Gracie got the mount and was able to land some strikes and cut Kato. But Kato still has to win this fight.

Winner: Hisaki Kato by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 29-28, 29-28, and 30-27.

They announced Rampage vs King Mo 2 for March. It’s also at heavyweight.

Brennan Ward Vs Paul Daly

Daly looks great when he can keep it standing. Twice, he landed a nice punch and then Ward immediately went for the takedown and got it. They were back on their feet. Daly threw a spinning back elbow to give him space and then ran into him with a running knee and Ward was out.

Winner: Paul Daly by way of 1st round TKO

Chael Sonnen Vs Tito Ortiz

Chael looks really slow and I’m not sure if he’s out of shape, but his body looks pretty bad. Tito got a takedown, but Chael swept him and tried for a guillotine, but Tito popped his big head out. Tito was into mount quickly and started dropping elbows. Sonnen turned and Tito put him in a rear naked choke. Sonnen was turning purple and submitted.

Winner: Tito Ortiz

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