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UFC 206 Live Coverage – Holloway Vs Pettis

UFC 206 live coverage

UFC 206 live coverage

Check out our UFC 206 live coverage.

Anthony Pettis missed weight and won’t be fighting for the interim featherweight title. The original main event was Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson, but Cormier was hurt and had to pull out of the fight.

This is probably going to be the lowest drawing PPV of the year, but it should be a really good show.

Emil Meek Vs Jordan Mein

Mein scored two takedowns, but didn’t do much with it. Meek landed a power shot and Mein felt it. Meek looked like he was going to take control with the striking, but Mein was crafty with his strikes and was landing as well. It’s turning into a nice little brawl. Meek screamed out about something when they were up against the fence like he had hurt his rib or something. But off the cage, he came out swinging, landing a big shot after taking a one-two. Mein laughed, but it’s clear he felt it as it turned him around. Meek missed a flying knee by a mile.

Meek pointed right below his pec, so maybe it is a rib. But he looks okay. He pushed Mein up against the cage and was landing straight punches. Mein doesn’t like to get hit. Meek got the takedown and worked the arm triangle for quite a while and it looked like it was sunk in pretty good. But Mein got out of it. Meek dominated him the entire round. They’re at 1 apiece unless you gave that round 10-8 to Meek.

Mein had nothing. His standup looked uninspired, even though he was landing. And when Meek put him on the ground, Mein really did nothing to get up. Mein had a Hail Mary armbar attempt in the last 30 seconds, but that was his only real offense in the last half of the round.

Winner: Emil Meek by way of unanimous decision

All the scores were 29-28.

Kelvin Gastelum Vs Tim Kennedy

Kennedy looked spry early on, but Gastelum looked like he was biding his time. Kennedy wasted some energy, taking him down and controlling him a bit. All it took was two punches from Gastelum to change the momentum of the round. Gastelum landed several nice shots, putting a mouse under Kennedy’s right eye.

The round was similar to the first in that Kennedy was working his wrestling and Gastelum just wanted to stand up. Gastelum did have a nice reversal when on the ground. He was patient on his feet, throwing a lunging, lead uppercut. Kennedy seemed tired.

The third round was all Gastelum. He stunned Kennedy with a big shot and Kennedy wobbled. Again, he took his time and didn’t blow himself up. He used the same uppercut to get inside and when inside, let his hands go, and Kennedy went down and it was stopped.

Winner: Kelvin Gastelum by way of 3rd round TKO

Doo Ho Choi Vs Cub Swanson

Choi looked excellent early on. He threw a couple of right hands and Swanson didn’t seem to be ready. Swanson went low and was stuck in a front facelock and ate four knees. He decided to get out of there. Swanson started to land himself, cracking Choi. He was able to land a couple more times. He varied his strikes, throwing punches from different angles and mixing it up with kicks. Choi is mostly just throwing jabs and right hands.

This might be the round of the year. Swanson was winging wild right hands and connected. Choi felt them and it looked like he was going out. Swanson went for the kill and it looked like he was going to stop him. Choi landed a right hand that destroyed Swanson and he looked like a dead man walking. But Choi was too tired to finish him and they just held each other. They were on the ground and exhausted. Swanson looked like he was going for a choke, but just decided not not to. He let him up. Choi loaded the right hand. Swanson hit him with a spinning back fist and then followed it up. Choi looked like he was going out again, but finished the round chasing him. Choi’s a monster.

Choi looks the fresher of the two, which is ridiculous being that he took ridiculous punishment in the second. Swanson isn’t taking the shots well. But they’re both tired. They went to the ground, but back up, it was like they were charged up again. Swanson destroyed him with punches, but he didn’t go down. Swanson fired two straight right hands that would’ve knocked anyone out. Swanson had the most left in the tank down the stretch and nearly stopped him. I can’t describe this nearly well enough. Go find this fight somewhere. I have it for Swanson.

Winner: Cub Swanson by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

Matt Brown Vs Donald Cerrone

There were some really nice back and forth moments in this one. Cerrone started out very calm, almost systematic in the way that he landed his strikes, going low with kicks, and following up with right hands. Brown came back with some nice counter shots that slowed Cerrone down. Cerrone clocked him with a head kick. It went to the ground as Brown missed a kick and Brown locked in a triangle. Brown won the latter part of the round, but probably not enough to steal it.

This was another back and forth and I’m not sure he eked that one out. Brown eats so many punches that he has to win back momentum with bigger shots and that’s what he was doing. Brown was tagging him with big punches, but eating so many back. Cerrone landed a couple more high kicks. Brown is wearing a crimson mask.

Cerrone got him to shake hands before the round. He then kicked his head off.

Winner: Donald Cerrone by way of 3rd round TKO

Anthony Pettis Vs Max Holloway

Pettis looked more calm in the round. Holloway, in his first real chance on a big show, was a little too fired up. He started to comfortable later in the round. He landed two right-left combos in a row. But Pettis was still the one landing the better shots. They were trading shots late in the round. Really solid round there.

Pettis threw a lazy lowkick and missed and caught a right hand and was dropped. I think it caught his attention. He started to push the pace. Pettis has a bad cut over his right eye. He tried a cartwheel kick and didn’t connect. He may have hurt his hand too.

Pettis isn’t all that comfortable. He looks okay in these exchanges, but then Holloway counters and Pettis tries to hold on. Holloway had a nice sweep that was more embarrassing for Pettis than anything as he went to his back. Holloway let him right back up. Holloway tripped him down again and sat in side control. He got up quickly when Pettis looked to tie him up with a submission. Holloway landed a shot, Pettis sunk back against the cage, and then fired off 20 straight punches as Pettis sunk further into the cage.

Winner: Max Holloway by way of 3rd round TKO

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