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HBO Boxing Live Coverage – Bernard Hopkins Vs Joe Smith Jr.

Bernard Hopkins vs Joe Smith Jr.

Bernard Hopkins vs Joe Smith Jr.

Check out our live coverage of HBO Boxing’s Bernard Hopkins Vs Joe Smith Jr.

While Urijah Faber is retiring from MMA on one show in Northern California tonight, another legend, Bernard Hopkins is calling it a career after tonight.

He faces Joe Smith Jr. tonight and we’ll have live coverage at bell time.

Round 1

Hopkins looks a little tentative early, measuring Smith. Smith is aggressive but getting tied up whenever he comes inside. Hopkins landed a nice uppercut to remind Smith who he is. Smith hit Hop late in the round and Hop felt it. 

Round 2

Hop is eating body shots. He landed a straight right after what might’ve been a head butt. Interesting round to score. Hopkins didn’t land many punches, but thanks to the butt and the lead right, it looks like he may have won the round. But I’ll still lean toward Smith. 

Round 3

May give that his to Hopkins. He’s much more comfortable in there with Smith and has him timed. He’s taken a lot of what Smith was doing well in the first and taken it away from him. He’s still not really landing many shots, but Smith didn’t that round either. 

Round 4

Hopkins is doing the only thing he can right now, which is lull Smith into his type of fight. Smith can’t get the big punches off because Hopkins is either too close, or just far enough to make them glancing. Smith looks frustrated. 

Round 5

This was the best and closest round of the fight. Hopkins had it early, slipping the right hand in. Then Smith started going to the body. Hopkins stayed calm, though ate a big right. I gave Smith the round. 

Round 6

Not to say that BHop took the round off, but he let Smith unload a bit on him against the ropes. He landed a couple shots, but let Smith take over that round. 

Round 7

It’s possible that BHop is trying to get Smith to punch himself out, but I think he gave away another round simply by not being active enough. 

Round 8

Holy hell. Smith had Hopkins in the corner and lit him up with a combination that sent Hopkins through the ropes and to his back on the outside floor. He didn’t make the 20 count and the fight seems to be over. Hopkins is arguing that Smith pushed him through the ropes. 

Winner: Joe Smith Jr. by 8th round TKO

Hopkins wasn’t pushed. He was going through the ropes and ate another left hook and it lifted him off his feet and to the ground. That was violent. 

Th official decision is that Hopkins couldn’t continue because of an injury.

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