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HBO Boxing – Sergey Kovalev Vs Andre Ward Live Coverage

Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward
Check out our Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward live coverage.

This fight, and not Canelo Alvarez vs Triple G is the best matchup boxing can put together. Both men are in their prime and are in the top five when it comes to pound for pound.

Ward was a slight favorite going in, but money looks to be coming in on him now. The crowd is probably going to be pro-Ward as well.

We’ll be back with full play by play of the fight.

Sergey Kovalev Vs Andre Ward

Round One

Kovalev landed the two best shots in the round, which were straight jabs. Ward wobbled a bit. When Ward ducks his head into Kovalev, Kovalev puts him in a guillotine and Ward doesn’t like it. Ward is upset and trying to get inside. This thing is going to get dirty. Kovalev wins round one.

Round Two

Kovalev looks way too strong for Ward. They both threw right hands and Ward’s was short, but Kovalev’s landed and Ward went down to a knee. Kovalev tried to finish it, but Ward went on defense and didn’t allow him to close it.

Round Three

The round started with Ward going low, Kovalev grabbing his head and then Ward grabbing his leg. Overall this was a much better round for Ward. He landed the better punches and Kovalev spent most of the round trying to be physical. Virgil Hunter is yelling at Ward to not show so much, meaning, don’t give him as much to hit.

Round Four

Ward was so worried about his defense that he wasn’t throwing punches back. He’s got to be busy or else Kovalev is just going to be timing him. I think Kovalev got the round back that he lost in round three. He landed another stiff jab late.

Round Five

Ward got his second round. He followed up a straight right with a left hook that landed. He was much more in control in the round and he made Kovalev miss and look off-balanced. He has to land more punches to be clearly control of some of these rounds though.

Round Six

Kovalev landed two punches on Ward’s ear and I think he’ll get the round. They both slowed down a bit that round. But Ward wasn’t nearly active enough to steal that round.

Round Seven

This was Ward’s best round. Much like the fifth round, it was more his style. He was in and out and Kovalev was lunging, rather than controlling. Ward landed some slick body shots and Kovalev didn’t like. Kovalev landed another stiff jab late.

Round Eight

That round was close, but I think Ward dictated the pace and landed the better shots. Neither guy really landed a big shot, so it was probably the hardest one to score. It’s clear that Ward has come on here these last few rounds. Either Kovalev got tired, or he needed more rounds than usual to figure out the situation.

Round Nine

I had that marked as Kovalev’s round until the last minute when it changed. It was a close first two minutes, but I think Ward pulled away late in the round. He hit Kovalev with a left hand that made Kovalev duck his head underneath the top rope. I have the fight even right now.

Round Ten

This was a great round and I think Kovalev did enough to take it. There was a part of the round where it looked like Ward was going to come on, but Kovalev landed some ridiculous jabs. I have Kovalev up by one point.

Round Eleven

I think Ward took that one again, thanks to some big shots landed in the last minute. He landed a double left hook and seemed to take some life out of Kovalev. Both guys are tired, but Ward might have a bit more left. Then again, Kovalev’s punches seem to still have big power.

Round Twelve

I don’t think Ward did enough in this round to take the fight. I think Kovalev wins a close round and then the fight.

I have it 114-113 for Kovalev.

Winner: Andre Ward

The cards are 114-113 across the board.

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