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HBO Boxing – Lomachenko vs Walters Live Coverage

lomachenko vs walters
Follow our Lomachenko vs Walters live coverage.

Just one week after the huge Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev fight, we have another great matchup of guys which Duan calls the second best matchup of the year.

We’ll have live play by play for Lomachenko vs Walters.

Round One

Walters’ best shot was a left hook to the body. Lomachenko had a nice double jab followed by a straight left. Lots of hitting gloves. Lomachenko won the round by taking the last 45 seconds of it or so.

Round Two

Lomachenko looks very comfortable in there, whereas Walters is moving a little awkwardly. He doesn’t look comfortable with Lomachenko’s movement. Walters’ landed two nice jabs, but nothing from his power hand yet. Lomachenko wins the second as well.

Round Three

Lomachenko is almost toying with Walters when it comes to his footwork. He’s able to fake right and fake left, but get back in a punching stance so quickly. Walters threw a nice body shot and actually threw a big right hand, but he’s being outclassed right now.

Round Four

Lomachenko threw a wicked right hook that was right on the side of his head. Walters ends up inside and is almost unsure why he’s inside and has nothing to throw when he’s there. It’s almost like he expects Lomachenko to throw punches inside, but by that time, Lomachenko is already out of there. It’s interesting to see.

Round Five

This was a weird round. It was a pretty decent round for Walters defensively as Lomachenko missed a lot of punches, but Walters couldn’t capitalize once. Lomachenko was very active in throwing punches in moving, but he was more of a nuisance than anything else.

Round Six

Walters made some smart decisions, going to the body with his left and landing it at least twice. Lomachenko’s answer to that was to play ring around the rosies with him, making him work in a circle. I think Lomachenko did enough to win the round as he was still befuddling, but this was Walters’ best round.

Round Seven

This was Lomachenko’s best round. It was an absolute wipeout. Walters was hit with punches that he didn’t see coming and it was because of Lomachenko’s movement. Walters turned his back to him at one point because he was so off balanced. The knockout might be coming.

It looks like Walters’ corner is stopping the fight. This is a saving face situation, but it has to hurt Walters to not give himself the chance to figure it out. May not actually save face. Wonder if this hurts him more in the long run.

Winner: Vasyl Lomachenko by way of 7th round TKO

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