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WWE Hell In A Cell Live Coverage – Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks

Hell in a cell live coverage

We have WWE Hell In A Cell live coverage.

According to reports today, Charlotte vs Sasha Banks is going to be the main event and close the show. So Mick Foley wasn’t wrong.

Rusev Vs Roman Reigns

Rusev cut his right triceps seemingly when Reigns knocked him off the apron.

The match isn’t anything special as the crowd is unimpressed with it, just booing Reigns because they don’t like him but not excited for anything else. Outside the ring, Reigns hit Rusev with the kendo stick to his chest multiple times. In the ring, Rusev tied him up in the ropes and did the same.

Late in the match, Reigns hit him with a Superman punch. Rusev jumped into it, so I wonder if they weren’t on the same page there. But him jumping into it made it more effective. The steel steps were perched on the top rope. Reigns went for the spear, but Reigns tossed him into the steps for a two count. Rusev went under the ring to grab a chain and went to hit Reigns with it on the outside, but he missed. Back in the ring, he had it again and whipped him with it.

He put the accolade on him using the chain in Reign’s mouth. That didn’t look fun. Reigns fought out, gave him a Samoan Slam on the steps, then speared him while Rusev was standing on the steps for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Bayley Vs Dana Brooke

Bayley is wearing kinesiology tape on her right shoulder, which made her shoulder a target for Dana. All of Dana’s offense was directed toward the shoulder and right arm.

The crowd really couldn’t care less about the match. Even when Bayley fixed her ponytail, they were silent. Bayley won with the Bayley to Belly.


Enzo and Big Cass Vs Gallows and Anderson

Crowd was hot for Enzo and Big Cass’ promo, but not at all for the match. This was every Enzo and Cass match. Enzo sold early, made the hot tag (which the crowd didn’t really pop for), and then when they went from their finish, Cass got dumped out and it was Enzo all by himself. He eventually took the Magic Killer and it was over.

Winner: Gallows and Anderson

Kevin Owens Vs Seth Rollins

Now we’re talking here.

The match started off a bit slow, but has picked up. Owens did his Cannonball into the corner and then did it outside into the cage too. He set up on table perched up against the cage with a table underneath it.

Rollins suplexed him on the apron. Owens went to get a fire extinguisher and accidentally sprayed the referee in the eyes. The second ref on the outside opened the cage to let the first ref out and Chris Jericho entered and locked the cage. So he’s in the cell now.

Rollins set up the pedigree, but Jericho jumped off the top. Rollins then gave Jericho the pedigree. Rollins powerbombed Owens outside the ring and into the perched table. It broke perfectly. He then hit a Frog Splash, but Jericho interfered.

Rollins threw Jericho into the cage. Back inside the ring, Owens hit the Popup Powerbomb for a two count. Jericho came in with chairs, which Rollins turned around and started using on Owens and Jericho. Finally, Owens powerbombed Rollins onto two chairs that were next to each other to win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Brian Kendrick Vs TJ Perkins

The crowd absolutely doesn’t care about this match. I’m not sure why they would considering the angle and also being in the death spot.

Late in the match, Perkins had his submission finisher locked in, but Kendrick grabbed the ropes. Kendrick then went for the Sliced Bread #2. When he flipped over, he started selling his knee like it buckled. Everyone except TJ knew that Kendrick was gold-bricking. And of course, TJ goes to pick him up, eats a headbutt, and locks in the Bully Choke for the win.

TJ is an idiot.

Winner: Brian Kendrick

New Day Vs Cesaro and Sheamus

This poor match didn’t really have a chance with the crowd either, but at least they got interested during Cesaro’s Giant Swing. Sheamus accidentally Brogue Kicked Cesaro but he saved the pinfall. He then dove out off the top rope. At least he’s trying to get something going.

Cesaro moved out of the way on a kick and then put Xavier Woods in a Sharpshooter. Big E tried to interfere, but Sheamus didn’t let him as he hit him with Francesca II. He swung it at Kofi, who wasn’t wrestling in the match, and missed. Kofi hit him with the Trouble In Paradise and was DQ’d. Cesaro thought Woods tapped.

Winner: New Day

Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks

Right as the cage was coming down, Charlotte jumped Sasha and the cage stopped. They went to the outside and into the crowd. They both started climbing up the side of the cage. Charlotte grabbed her and power bombed her into the announcer’s table. Sasha’s back went out and they brought out the stretcher, similar to the Mick Foley and Undertaker spot. Well, except Sasha didn’t fall from the top of the cage.

Just as they were wheeling her out, JoJo was about to announce that Charlotte was going to win the match and Sasha hulked up and jumped inside the cage.

The match was interesting, though, overall, not good. The story was that Sasha was hurting, but was a fighter. The match was super clunky. Charlotte fell backward onto the table in a terrible spot. She looked like she didn’t want to take it and was barely pushed and fell so softly that the table didn’t break. One of the legs just gave out.

They teased a lot of stuff like the moonsault through the table, but never did it. They mirrored some of the spots in Owens vs Rollins with the chairs as well as Sasha doing a Frog Splash.

The end saw Charlotte get the Figure Eight. Sasha grabbed a chair and used it to get out of the move. Charlotte threw Sasha onto the table twice, trying to get it to break. Then Charlotte hit the Natural Selection for a super flat win. The crowd was quiet.

Not a good match and not a good show.

Winner: Charlotte

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