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Video – The Evolution of Punk: Episode 3

Evolution of Punk

Check out the third episode of UFC’s documentary series on CM Punk – The Evolution of Punk.

This episode shows Punk at a crossroads. Just as he feels that he’s making strides in MMA, he has to deal with a shoulder surgery that knocks his timeline back.

That was one of the fears of Punk starting his MMA career so late. His body was going to have to adapt to a new sport with new strains, bumps, and bruises after being in a sport that caused him a crazy amount of distress. The one thing about Punk and his journey in MMA is that he doesn’t have a unrealistic expectation in his ability. Now, that should probably question why he’s in the UFC, rather than a lower level MMA organization. There’s no reason outside of the UFC marketing engine wanting him there and him feeling like the UFC makes it worth his while.

There’s a nice moment where Punk hangs out with a young kid at a comic book store and they share some nice moments. He had written a Drax The Destroyer book and was asking the book store if they had it. That’s a personal side of him that you don’t often see.

At the end of the episode, Mickey Gall comes into play. Just from the small video of him, he looks like twice the athlete Punk is.

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