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Video – Ariel Helwani Interviews CM Punk Days Before His Debut Fight

Ariel Helwani interviews CM Punk

Ariel Helwani interviews CM Punk again, but this time it’s before Punk’s fight at UFC 203.

It’s a yearly thing now. The UFC has a show close to Chicago (or in Chicago) and Ariel Helwani goes to CM Punk’s house to interview him.

The other interviews were far more fun, especially when Punk would show his dissatisfaction with the WWE. It was also fun to hear him talk about the UFC.

But now? He’s a UFC employee and someone who had low energy because he’s trying to cut weight. He wasn’t cutting impassioned promos in any way here. He was calm and methodical. I think Helwani was trying to get him to fire up a few times, but he never bit.

It’s still a fun 37 minutes and worth listening to.

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