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CWC Finale Preview Part Two – Final Four

CWC finale preview

John LaRocca and GG are back with part two of their CWC finale preview, this time on the final four.

Yesterday, John LaRocca, Premier president and All Pro Wrestling booker, recapped the tournament from his perspective.

We’re now down to the final four and a winner will be decided in tonight’s two-hour finale.

The match-ups for tonight are as follows:

– Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Gran Metalik
– Kota Ibushi vs. T.J. Perkins

LaRocca and I go back and forth on our thoughts.

LaRocca: Personally, of the final four, I probably would have gone with Rich Swann over TJ Perkins, but I love upsets and Perkins going over the crowd favorite Swann was a great moment. From the get go, I had Metalik, Ibushi and Sabre Jr. in the semifinals.

GG: I still think Johnny Gargano should’ve made it this far. Perkins and Swann are great at the style, but I think Gargano is the best seller of the group. But outside of Perkins making it this far, I have no qualms with the rest of them.

LaRocca: I’m really looking forward to Metalik versus Sabre Jr. the most. You may say it is a clash of styles, but both men know how to adapt to each other’s in-ring style. If I was booking the semifinals, I would put over Gran Metalik.

GG: Just based on the rumors that Sabre Jr. isn’t going to sign with WWE and Metalik has, that’s a no brainer. He should definitely win his semifinal.

LaRocca: Metalik has something about him, and I have always enjoyed his work since I saw him in New Japan.

GG: I do wonder how WWE treats him though. He’s a Mexican with a mask and outside of Rey Rey, they’ve done a terrible job with masked luchadors.

LaRocca: Ibushi versus Perkins is going to be really good as well. What I like about both semifinal matches is that it is a high flyer versus a grappler. Those combinations make for really fun matches and both matches will deliver. Again, if I booking, I would have Ibushi over, setting up a finals match-up between him and Metalik.

GG: Ibushi’s star power is through the roof. Beating him here would be a mistake unless they want Perkins to win the entire thing. That’s the only way he should win this match.

LaRocca: In the tournament finals, I have debated back and forth on who I would put over. After much thought, I would go with Gran Metalik as the winner of the tournament. Metalik is signed with the WWE and could be the face of cruiserweight division on RAW.

GG: If all things were perfect, and Ibushi was signed, I’d like to see him win, but if not, Metalik is a very suitable winner.

LaRocca: WWE has been looking for Mexican sensation for a long time and though there will only be one Rey Mysterio Jr., Gran Metalik could connect with the WWE audience if they allow him to have great matches weekly on television. I also like Metalik, because when the tournament was announced, Kota Ibushi was the favorite to win it. Metalik winning would be somewhat of a surprise and a surprise in a good way.

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