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Cruiserweight Classic Finale Live Coverage

Cruiserweight classic finale

Check out our Cruiserweight Classic finale live coverage.

Gran Metalik Vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Metalik hits a dropkick right at the bell before hitting a dive and a quick two-count. Who does he think he is, Fabricio Werdum? Metalik was trying to keep the match fast and high flying, while Sabre Jr. wanted it to be more grounded, which was a fun mix of styles and provided for good psychology. Sabre Jr. locked in both a Dragon Sleeper and an Octopus. Metalik did a springboard hurricanrana from the top rope. That was ridiculous.

He went for a springboard splash, but Sabre Jr. caught him in a triangle. Metalik evaded an uppercut and hit the Metalik Driver to win the match. Great start.

Winner: Gran Metalik

Kota Ibushi Vs TJ Perkins

It starts much more slowly than the first match, which was great being that one of my issues with the tournament is that the matches sometimes follow the same pace to their detriment. Perkins checked one of Ibushi’s early kicks and caught another.

Ibushi jumped to the middle rope to dive outside the ring, but Perkins kicked him right in the ass. He fell awkwardly down and nearly got counted out, which had to be rib on Ibushi. (Supposedly, during the live match against Brian Kendrick, Ibushi was counted out because he wasn’t used to the 10 count as in Japan, it’s a 20 count, and they had to restart the match.)

Ibushi hit the Golden Triangle moonsault on the outside. WWE had a terrific camera angle that showed how graceful it was. Ibushi hit a moonsault from the second rope, but Perkins caught him a knee bar. Ibushi got to the ropes, but it may slow him down now. Ibushi hit the Pele kick with Perkins on the second rope, only to set up him going for it a second time, but being caught in a knee bar. They did double left hooks, which set up Ibush’s powerbomb and a two count. Ibushi missed the Phoenix Splash. Perkins locked in the knee bar again, but transitioned to the bully choke and Ibushi tapped.

Winner: Kota Ibushi

That was pretty good storytelling with Ibushi’s bad neck being his only kryptonite.

Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander Vs Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa

This was a fun tag team match, but a step down from the first two matches. There were nice sequences but nowhere near the drama from Gargano and Ciampa’s match with the Revival.

Alexander nearly had the pin near the end. He actually might’ve had it. Ciampa was either waiting for Gargano to interfere, or he was just very slow on kicking out. Gargano and Ciampa then hit the sandwich super kick, knee finish on Dar to win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa

TJ Perkins Vs Gran Metalik

Before the match could start, Triple H came out to say that the winner would also be the Cruiserweight champion on Raw Monday.

The match started slowly to show that it was the second match for both guys. Metalik is busting out everything. He dove over the top rope to hit a Frankensteiner on Perkins who was standing on the apron.

He did a springboard dive over the top rope and landed flat on his back. Perkins nearly missed catching him completely.

Perkins set up the knee bar and pulled Metalik twice back toward the center of the ring. After the second time, Metalik rolled him up for a great two-count. Metalik went for the Metalik Driver and when he hit it, his knee gave out. They were on the top rope and Metalik tried to hit the driver from the top rope, but it turned into another knee bar for Perkins and Metalik had to tap out.

Winner: TJ Perkins

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