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Throwback Thursday – Love Is Like A Piledriver

love is like a piledriver

love is like a piledriver

Our latest Throwback Thursday feature is about the title track on WWE’s second album – love is like a Piledriver.

In 1987, WWE released the follow-up to The Wrestling Album, called Piledriver: The Wrestling Album II. That was one of my Christmas gifts that year.

The album featured 10 tracks, including the lead track (though, I’m not sure it was officially released as a radio single) Piledriver, performed by Koko B. Ware.

Let’s go back and take a look at the video. What in the hell was Koko B. Ware singing about?

:04 – Of course, Vicious Vince McMahon is in the video shoveling dirt with the rest of the buffed out construction workers.

:06 – Why is the Honky Tonk Man trying to enter the construction site?

:56 – “But sometimes love sounds like fight. It sounds like an argument. It sounds just like a piledriver. Yeah!”

Oh, so this is a song about arguing.

1:11 – Don’t try bossing the Superstar around.


1:24 – “But sometimes love feels just right. It feels so real. It feels just like a piledriver.”

Oh, so maybe the song isn’t about arguing. Love feels like getting tossed on top of your head.

1:32 – No wonder Linda Hogan didn’t trust the Hulkster. He had jealous eyes.


1:38 – “You’re right beside her. You’re heart’s on fire. She’s got you hard wired. Higher, higher, piledriver.”

I’m not actually sure that’s the lyric. And while Koko is singing his heart out about a piledriver, there’s video of him doing a brainbuster. Hmmm.

2:06 – There’s another lady walking near the construction site wearing Daisy Dukes. Bam Bam Bigelow must’ve been married because he decided to cover his eyes while she walked through.


2:27 – How jacked is Don “The Rock” Muraco here? I guess once you give up the magnificent nickname, you get jacked.


2:38 – I wonder if Vince still looks at Linda this way.


3:00 – Finally, why isn’t Paul “Mr. Wonderful” Orndorff in this video? IT WAS HIS FINISHING MOVE!

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