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UFC 200 Live Coverage – Tate Vs Nunes

UFC 200 live coverage

UFC 200 live coverage

We have UFC 200 live coverage.

If you missed the UFC Fight Pass prelims, you can follow along here. We also have coverage of the FS1 prelims.

Travis Browne Vs Cain Velasquez

Cain’s trying to box early on but took a straight right hand that made him more careful. Browne is missing on his counter strikes. Cain pushed him up against the fence. Cain led with a spinning heel kick and followed up with some big shots and then dropped Browne. On the ground, Cain just mauled him. Browne couldn’t do anything other than hold on. Back on their feet, they traded punches and Browne fell back. Cain put him down again and followed him up on the ground to finish him. Browne was so tired and defeated.

Winner: Cain Velasquez by way of 1st round TKO

Frankie Edgar Vs Jose Aldo

This was a very close round until the end. Edgar looked to be barely winning the round, but Aldo landed a big right hand that buckled him and then dove in with a flying knee that missed. Edgar flew in with a kick and ate a left hand that put him down. First round goes to Aldo.

Edgar was the aggressor again, but Aldo was shaking off every takedown attempt and countering everything Edgar was doing. He threw him down a few times and he bloodied his right eye up. Aldo looks really comfortable right now. Edgar’s best shot was a right hand, but he took jabs and right hands. I have Aldo up 2-0.

This is a good round for Frankie. He’s making it a little harder for Aldo to land from the outside. They both landed big right hands. Frankie made things uncomfortable for him by closing the distance. Aldo still landed a knee and was attempting some wild kicks.

Aldo is outclassing him at this point. He has a counter to everything Frankie is doing. Frankie is still attacking, but it’s to his detriment right now. Aldo is busting him up every time he tries to make a big move. Edgar needs a knockout.

Edgar may have pulled this one out as Aldo took the round off and was on his horse the entire time. I still have Aldo winning the fight, but I’ve seen scorecards where Edgar had two rounds after four. If the judges do, Aldo’s strategy to not fight aggressively may not have been smart. Let’s see the decision.

Winner: Jose Aldo by way of unanimous decision

Aldo won by scores of 49-46, 49-46, and 48-47.

Anderson Silva Vs Daniel Cormier

They stood for a little bit, but Cormier went into wrestling mode and Anderson Silva went down very easily. I’ve seen a lot of fights over the last three days and this was the most boring five minutes of UFC 200 weekend.

Silva came out kicking and then Cormier landed an overhand right to the chest. Silva threw another kick and Cormier caught it and took him down. He laid on top of Silva for about three minutes before Big John broke them up. Silva’s tired. The fight has an exhibition feel to it.

The biggest pop for this fight was when it was over. Cormier laid on top of him again for most of the round. Silva looked to land a liver kick and it buckled Cormier, but he couldn’t follow up on it. With hindsight, there was probably no reason to have this fight. It hurt the show.

Winner: Daniel Cormier by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 30-26 all the way around.

Mark Hunt Vs Brock Lesnar

The fight started really slowly. Hunt feinted and Brock would jump. Finally, Brock shot the double leg and got Hunt down, but Hunt fought back up. But Brock didn’t relent. He stayed on the takedown, then got another. He had the mount at the end of the first round. First round goes to Lesnar.

The second round was a whole lot of nothing. Brock stayed his distance and Hunt landed some glancing blows. He stuffed two takedowns and late in the round and Brock shot in for a third and pushed him up against the cage and the round ended. It was pretty much a draw round, but I have no idea who I’d give it to.

Hunt landed a right hand, which woke Brock up a bit and he shot in with a single leg, pushed Hunt back to the cage, grasped his hands together and dumped Hunt to the ground. Lesnar had his right arm behind Hunt’s head and pounded on him with his left hand. Hunt flattened out a bit and Brock is in his half guard. Lesnar got in full mount and started pounding away. Hunt can’t get out from underneath him and is taking a lot of five knuckle sandwiches to the forehead. I have Lesnar winning 30-28, but that’s based on a 10-10 second round.

Winner: Brock Lesnar by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 29-27 across the board.

Amanda Nunes Vs Miesha Tate

Welp, that was anticlimactic. Miesha got a big takedown early, but then become a punching bag. Amanda Nunes lit her up for two minutes before getting Miesha’s back and choking her out.

Winner: Amanda Nunes by 1st round TKO

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