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Throwback Thursday Video – Marvin Hagler Vs John Mugabi

Marvin Hagler Vs John Mugabi


Check out our Thursday Throwback video featuring Marvin Hagler vs John Mugabi.

Photo via BoxRec.

John “The Beast” Mugabi is a forgotten character in the book of boxing. He’s mostly known for a fights that he lost, rather than for being the hardest hitter Marvin Hagler ever faced. And don’t forget that Hagler fought Tommy Hearns and Roberto Duran.

This is a good primer on Mugabi, much of what you can read in George Kimball’s book.

This fight was on the same card as the Hearns vs James Shuler fight we wrote about. The plan looked to be for Hearns and Hagler to win their fights and then set up a rematch. Both parties did their jobs, though Hagler’s night was surely harder than Hearns’.

But that didn’t happen. Sugar Ray Leonard decided after this fight that he could beat Marvin Hagler and that was the fight that was signed over a year later. Hearns and Hagler 2 never happened and Hagler only fought one more time after the Mugabi fight.

This fight isn’t particularly great, but it does have a great round. In round six, Marvin starts to open up on Mugabi and only Mills Lane’s stoppage of the action to warn Hagler of low blows saved a possible 6th round stoppage. Mugabi five more rounds before succumbing to the Hagler bombs.

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