PBC On CBS – Thurman Vs Porter Live Coverage

Thurman vs Porter live coverage

Check out our Thurman vs Porter live coverage.

Showtime has been hyping this one for awhile and it’s finally time. Though, they could’ve done a full-on All Access rather than the small parts they put out on YouTube.

This should be a great action fight.

Round One

These guys aren’t wasting any time. Porter is aggressive, and maybe a bit too much, because Thurman’s footwork looks excellent. Thurman has thrown bomb-like straight rights and Porter is using a double jab to try and get inside. Excellent first round probably goes to Thurman.

Round Two

Porter’s doing a great job of making life hell for Thurman. He rung his bell with a wide right hand that looked like it hit the ear. When they were broken up, Porter dove at him and put him up against the ropes. Thurman hung on while Porter ripped shots at him. Thurman was solid defensively. Round goes to Porter.

Round Three

Thurman landed a great left hook to start off the round. The round was ugly with Porter diving in and Thurman tying him up. Porter is willing to take small shot to give a bigger one. He hit Thurman a bit low near the end of the round. Thurman was back on the ropes and blasted Porter, but Porter came right back with an overhand right.

Round Four

Thurman is timing Porter better. Porter walked into a nasty left hook. They’re going toe to toe. Thurman looks to have figured out Porter’s style. He buckled him with a big left hook and the fight has turned around in this round.

Round Five

Porter’s back in business. He sunk a shot in that backed Thurman off and back into the ropes. Earlier in the round, Thurman was doing the stalking. Porter just got his tempo back. Porter’s too wild, throwing big right hands now without setting them up. Maybe he felt his jab was predicting everything else he was going to do.

Round Six

Porter’s making Thurman’s life hell by forcing himself inside. Thurman hasn’t landed that counter left this round and it’s allowing Porter to do some damage. I have Porter up 4-2.

Round Seven

This was the hardest round to score. Porter continued to bother Thurman by being in his kitchen for most of the round. It seems like that counter left is going to be there, but Thurman hasn’t been as on point with it. Porter’s also getting low and bouncing in and out.

Round Eight

Porter’s making the fight nasty and frustrating, but Thurman looks like he’s on the precipice of figuring it out. Porter bounced him against the ropes again with a body shot. Thurman stood him up with a left hand. I think I’d lean Thurman for the first time in a few rounds and have Porter up 5-3.

Round Nine

Porter looks to be tiring slightly here. Thurman landed a big shot in the inside, but like Clubber Lang in Rocky III, Porter turned him around against the ropes and landed big shots of his own. Thurman is controlling the ring much better in this round, like he was starting to do in the eighth. Thurman’s now cut. Porter was cut earlier. This was another close one. I’m leaning Thurman and have it 5-4 for Porter.

Round Ten

Even though Thurman caught him late, I’m leaning toward Porter. He’s made life so hard for Thurman and maybe helped create the blueprint in how to beat him.

Round Eleven

Even though Porter walked right through them, Thurman landed some blistering shots. Thurman landed the best shots in the round, but he was having to stay away and play defense for most of the round.

Round Twelve

This was more of a Porter round, but I still think Thurman takes it, and I have the fight scored as a draw. Porter tried to tie him up against the ropes, but Thurman fought smart and landed the best shots of the round.

Winner: Keith Thurman by way of unanimous decision

All the scores were 115-113 for Thurman. Those are good scores.

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