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CM Punk Announces His UFC Debut

CM Punk announces his UFC debut

On the UFC Unfiltered podcast, CM Punk announces his UFC debut.

CM Punk went on the new UFC Unfiltered podcast to announce that he’s going to be fighting on September 10th, on UFC 203, which is in Cleveland. He’ll be fighting Mickey Gall, who they’ve been preparing for him.

The podcast is hosted Jim Norton and Matt Serra. Serra in particular is hilarious because he’s not afraid to make fun of himself. During the podcast, he mentioned going to see Rock’s new movie and rather than saying “laugh out loud,” he accidentally said, “laugh out loud-ing.” And then he made fun of himself for doing it the rest of the show.

Punk comes on at just over the 9:30 mark to make his announcement. The hard part about believing that CM Punk has a chance is that his main reason for wanting to fight is because he gets bored and likes testing himself. It immediately sounds like an excuse to lose. And that’s probably what’s going to happen.

I think it’s going to be an interesting spectacle and one that a lot of people will want to see out of curiosity and hype. And that’s definitely part of the game. But if Punk isn’t competitive, it will feel more like a ruse than any professional wrestling match could be.

The other thing that’s interesting is that what made Punk a great character in wrestling is completely missing here. He just sounds like a regular guy. And I’m not sure you can be a regular guy if your ring name is still CM Punk.

Ironically, The Rock, who CM Punk was rumored to have an issue with because he took his WrestleMania “spot” was on the same podcast. I haven’t heard Rock do a podcast before, so it’s a bit surprising that he chose to do the UFC podcast. He was there to promote his new movie, Central Intelligence, and to discuss the UFC with the boys.

In a story that I’m not sure I believe, Rock says that he thought about training for the UFC after he retired from WWE. The reason I don’t buy this is because he was full steam ahead in his movie career, and while he says his movies weren’t doing very well, there was a feeling that he just hadn’t done the right projects yet. It was more of a slow play for him, which it turns out worked. He did do some stinkers and changed direction, but there wouldn’t be enough money in fighting for him to give up the idea of progressing in his movie career.

Because Rock is smart, he did mention Brock Lesnar as his last WWE program on his initial run, which nicely dove tailed to them being able to talk about Brock coming back to the UFC. Rock is also up on Mark Hunt as he recently read his biography.

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