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Chris Jericho And Sandra Toffoloni Discuss The Beniot Family Tragedy

Benoit family tragedy

Chris Jericho and Nancy Benoit’s sister, Sandra Toffoloni, discuss the Benoit Family tragedy.

On Friday, Chris Jericho had Sandra Toffoloni, Nancy Benoit’s sister and Chris Benoit’s sister-in-law on Talk Is Jericho. It’s been nine years since Chris Benoit murdered his wife and child and Sandra was on to discuss the situation in fine detail.

Jericho once had Bill Apter on his podcast and Apter said that he heard there could’ve been another story. It was a bit tone deaf of Apter to say that and he apologized for the comment. I follow Sandra on Twitter (@butisitfunny) and she was upset with Apter’s story.

This isn’t the first time Sandra has spoken about the situation. Three years ago, she was interviewed by Dina Marneris, and we wrote about that interview on this website. Toffoloni was able to give those same thoughts on the pdocast, but because you could hear her voice, it was more of an emotional roller coaster.

The podcast is everything. It’s entertaining. It’s shocking. It’s heartwarming. It’s funny (because Sandra has a great sense of humor). And maybe most importantly, it’s courageous. Sandra and Jericho talk about a guy both of them knew so well who did the worst thing possible.

But Sandra also wants to get across that it can’t be all about Chris Benoit. It also has to be about Nancy and Daniel. And she does a fantastic job with that point. This is the must-listen podcast of maybe the entire year.

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