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Video – 24/7 Canelo/Khan: Episode 2


Check out the second episode of 24/7 Canelo/Khan.

I thought the first episode of 24/7 Canelo/Khan was a breath of fresh air. But the follow-up episode was just your normal ho-hum episode and partially, why 24/7 isn’t as necessary anymore when it comes to building fights.

There was simply nothing to say.

I really enjoyed the scenes with Amir Khan discussing his religion and Virgil Hunter being really frank with him in the gym. By the way, Khan looks a little pudgy doesn’t he?

But when it comes to Canelo, there’s not much to do. He’s not as famous as Manny Pacquiao, who was shown as a very important person in the Philippines. He doesn’t hit the speed bag like Juan Manuel Marquez. He’s not flashy like Floyd Mayweather. He’s just a nice kid who is a really good boxer.

The most interesting scenes with Canelo involved him playing ball with his new dog. I would’ve actually preferred an entire episode getting to know Khan better. And I don’t think they did a really good job getting you to buy that Khan has a shot.

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