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HBO Boxing – Canelo Vs Khan Live Coverage

Canelo vs Khan live
Check out our Canelo vs Khan live coverage.

With Floyd Mayweather retired and Manny Pacquiao nearing the end of his career, Canelo Alvarez is the biggest draw in boxing and this fight is the big one of the year, so far.

Amir Khan has been passed over by Mayweather and Pacquiao for the last several years and he finally has his chance. I don’t think many believe that he’s going to win, but if he wants to take advantage of the opportunity, he has to come up big here.

We’ll have live coverage come bell time.

This is the first time I’ve ever watched a boxing even at a movie theater.


Khan wins the round probably all based on a big right hand at the start. Canelo landed a left hook that Khan took. Khan’s trying to get off a bunch of punches to keep Canelo off balanced. 


Khan got this one too. He’s not constantly landing or even throwing, but he’s catching Canelo by surprise. Canelo is far more predictable with his offense but he’s also pacing himself. 


It was a fairly even round. Canelo was a bit more active. Khan was still out-boxing him. Khan landed a very Sugar Ray-like combo super late to steal it. 


There wasn’t a lot going on in that round. I may lean slightly toward Khan, but wouldn’t be surprised if people gave it to Canelo. Even in rounds that Khan lands more, Canelo lands heavier. He hit Khan with a nice body shot. 


That was Canelo’s round. He started to figure out how to make Khan feel uncomfortable. He’s setting up body shots with his jab. 


It ended not unlike Khan’s other knockout losses. He left himself open and Canelo destroyed him with an overhand right. Khan was out immediately and was sleeping with his eyes open. Khan banged the back of his head on the mat and was gone. 

Winner: Canelo Alvarez by way of 6th round knockout 

Khan eventually got up, but was down for a little while.

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