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UFC 197 Live Coverage: Jones Vs Saint Preux

UFC 197 live

Check out our UFC 197 live coverage.

UFC 197 is being completely overshadowed by the UFC vs Conor McGregor feud, which is feud of the year so far. While UFC 200 is receiving a ton of press, this show isn’t so much. We previewed it earlier today and will be back with live coverage.

I’m watching the show at Buffalo Wild Wings and they put us in the patio with no heater!

Andre Fili Vs Yair Rodríguez

Fili ended up on his back for most of the round with Rodríguez moving to half guard. Fili landed a nice shot that dropped him quickly but Rodríguez was back on his feet quickly. 

Rodríguez put out his lights with a nasty switch kick. Game over. 

Winner: Yair Rodríguez by way of 2nd round TKO

Rafael Natal Vs Robert Whittaker

There wasn’t much going on until very late in the fight. Whittaker knocked him down and they threw some wild hands late. Natal got the worst of the exchange. 

Natal’s leg kicks have taken a toll on Whittaker’s front leg. He’s limping and not able to put a ton of weight on it. Natal’s bleeding underneath his eyes. Very competitive round. 

Whittaker’s boxing was just too much for Natal. Whittaker clearly won the round and nearly had him going at the end of the fight. 

Winner: Robert Whittaker by way of unanimous decision 

Edson Barboza Vs Anthony Pettis

Pettis looked strong in his standup, but Barbosa landed the best combination on the inside.

This seemed to be Barbosa’s round. He punished Pettis with a body kick and was leading the exchanges with his hands. He landed a nice left hook too. Pettis looked a bit bothered with his performance in the round. 

Barbosa punished Pettis with inside leg kicks. Barbosa was kicking him and it sounded like a shot gun. 

Winner: Edson Barbosa by way of unanimous decision 

Henry Cejudo Vs Demetrious Johnson

Cejudo got a surprising takedown early. But that was it. DJ was winning the clinch game and he kept kneeing Cejudo to the body and controlled him. Cejudo finally buckled and fell backward. DJ finished him on the ground. 

Winner: Demetroius Johnson by way of 1st round TKO

Ovince Saint Preux Vs Jon Jones

OSP is just as tall and long as Jones is. I didn’t realize that.

The size seemed to bug Jones a bit, but he looked more comfortable near the end. He’s using a lot of front kicks to the knee and his kicks were a problem for OSP throughout. Jones looked a little rusty. 

OSP had a good second round. He was able to land right hands. Jones had trouble with the length. Jones landed a head kick late. 

OSP is getting tired. He’s not moving as well and was a bit of a punching bag for Jones’ body kicks. Jones looks to be running away with it now. 

Jones dominated the round. OSP is exhausted. Jones got a few takedowns and it looked like it was close to a finish on the ground. Jones was maybe too methodical in his approach. But he’s been careful all fight. 

Jones didn’t finish him. OSP survived but the fifth wasn’t much. OSP looked tired and hurt, but Jones stayed safe. 

Winner: Jon Jones by unanimous decision

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