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NXT TakeOver: Dallas Live Coverage – Finn Balor Vs Samoa Joe

NXT TakeOver

We are live in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center for NXT TakeOver: Dallas.

Later tonight, we’ll be live in the building for NXT TakeOver: Dallas featuring the NXT debut of Shinsuke Nakamura and the NXT title rematch between Finn Balor and Samoa Joe.

There are rumors around WrestleMania weekend at the Balor Club will debut on Raw Monday so that might be some foreshadowing to what happens tonight.

On the pre-show matches, Manny Andrade (Sombra) beat Biff Busick (whatever his new name is).

Elias Samson came out and was immediately booed. He tried to sing a song and the crowd chanted for wrestling. Apollo Crews came out to set up their match.

Crews beat him with his finisher after selling for most of the match. Sampson had Honky Tonk Man heat. 

American Alpha Vs The Revival

The match is the first of three title matches tonight. Fans in Dallas think all three titles are changing hands. If Bayley and Finn Balor are going to the main roster, I can see the Revival holding on here tonight.

Crowd is into anything American Alpha does. Like batshit crazy. Gable is the king of the arm drags and Jordan threw a drop kick like a young Randy Orton.

Revival kept Gable in the ring for a long time and did the old fashioned heel team maneuvers to keep Jordan out of the ring. The Revival botched their finish off the top which wasn’t going to be allowed because of no tag. The crowd chanted both, “You f••••• up,” and “Botchamania.”

Jordan made the hot tag, but the crowd didn’t become unglued until he pulled down his straps

Dawson tried to pin Jordan with with his feet on the ropes and Dash held onto his feet with a towel for leverage. They went into near fall after near fall until Jordan tagged in without the Revival knowing. He hit a spear into the corner, tagged Gable in, and hit their finish for the win. 

Crowd went ape again for it.

Winner: American Alpha

Baron Corbin Vs Austin Aries

This is Aries’ NXT debut.

This is a bit rough from a pace standpoint. But the NXT crowd is forgiving and ready to pop at any time. Corbin had the upper hand in a methodical way to set up Aries’ comeback.

They were outside the ring and Aries charged at Corbin who was near the ring post. Corbin caught him and hit him with a spinning side slam for a near count out.

Aries was back in the ring and fought off the bigger man and rolled him up for a win that was a bit flukey.

Winner: Austin Aries

Sami Zayn Vs Shinsuke Nakamura

As you would expect, Nakamura got an incredible pop coming out.

Crowd is very excited, but worried about Sami’s feelings. Early on was slow as they were feeling each other out. Nakamura scored early with kicks. Zayn knocked Nakamura to the outside. Nakamura draped him on the top rope and kneed him.

Zayn hit his dive over the top and then a high cross off the top for a close two. They traded forearms forever while the crowd was chanting along with every single one (and also turning it into a Yes chant when they were trading them fast).

Nakamura transitioned into a great arm bar spot that would’ve made Ronda Rousey proud. He transitioned into a triangle.

Near the end, Nakamura was setting up the Bomaye, but Aries avoided it. He wanted to suplex him into the buckle, but Nakamura dropped him with elbows to the back of the neck. He came off the top rope with a knee and then finished him with a running Bomaye.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

The crowd gave Zayn a great farewell.

Asuka Vs Bayley

We’ll see how they follow the prior match.

This was really good considering what they had to follow. But it was probably a hair too long. Bayley was pretty even with Asuka, beating her to the punch at times.

The best spot of the match was when they both missed a dropkick and started firing forearms. Asuka slapped Bayley, she missed a return punch, Asuka beat her to the body like Mike Tyson in his prime, and then Bayley caught her in a knee bar.

Asuka caught her in a rear naked choke, Bayley tried to get to her feet, Asuka held on, and finally, the referee called the match off. Asuka is the new champion.

Winner: Asuka

Samoa Joe Vs Finn Balor

Two titles have switched hands. Will the NXT title be next?

Joe was busted open early, possibly from Finn’s flip over the top rope. Joe’s a house of fire early on. The bloody eye may have inspired him. He did a dive through the ropes and moved like a middleweight.

The doctors were attending to Joe’s cut and the fans were getting restless. They did it four times.

At certain rest points in the match, they’ll come over and clean up Joe’s eye.

They chopped each other hard. Joe turned a power bomb into a crab into a crossface. Balor hit the sling blade and the drop kick into the corner to set up the Coup de Grace. Joe beat him to the buckle and hit the Muscle Buster for a two count. 

Balor finally hit the Coup de Grace, but Joe put him in the rear naked choke. Balor fell backward on him and bridged him for the pin.

Winner: Finn Balor

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