Chronicling WrestleMania 32 Weekend – Part 3 (+Shoutouts)

WrestleMania 32 weekend

GG is chronicling WrestleMania 32 weekend.

Here are the first two posts about WrestleMania 32 weekend:
Part 1 (WaleMania, NXT, and F4WMania)
Part 2 (Evolve, Jim Ross, and Missy Hyatt)

Apologies for not getting this up on Monday.


I will admit that on Sunday morning, I was dead tired.

My buddy Blake’s house was in Forney, which was about 25 miles outside of Dallas. I was in Dallas until around 2AM every morning and then had to drive back, do some writing, try and get to sleep, and then wake up and do it all again. By Sunday, I was either going to pass out like Bayley or tap out like Timothy Thatcher. I was so thankful to not be going to Raw the next night. I don’t think I would’ve made it.

Remembering how badly the parking situation was last year in Santa Clara, Blake and I decided to head out as early as possible. We planned on getting lunch before, but thanks to some paranoia, we decided to head over to AT&T Stadium and eat there. Parking was actually a breeze. Getting there wasn’t too bad either.

But it was a nightmare getting inside.

Each ticket had a specific entrance that you were supposed to use. Blake noticed it. We headed toward our specific entrance and @ryanjfrederick verified it. If we didn’t go in the correct entrance, they would send us back.

This was important to note because it was nightmare getting inside even if you were at the correct entrance. If you were at the wrong entrance, you simply had to walk to the correct entrance and start from the back. I believe they opened the stadium about 45 minutes after they said they would.

Rather than try and write about how badly it was, I’ll let @KateeForbis‘ tweets tell the story.

Before getting in:

And a look inside once you did:

WrestleMania 32

Once we were at our seats, all was well. It was majestic seeing nearly 100,000 people in the building.

Here’s where we sat:

Not bad at all. #WrestleMania32

A photo posted by FGB (@fightgamemedia) on

I don’t want to ruin it for the obsessed “hardcore” marks who hated the show because what they wanted to see happen didn’t, but it was a really fun show live. It wasn’t as good as last year’s show, but it was also a different kind of show.

Because of all the injuries that decimated the roster, it was much more of a smoke and mirrors show. They utilized the legends for the feel-good and surprise moments.

Just remember: in order to get nearly 100,000 people in that stadium, a large percentage of the people were there to see an event rather than just a wrestling show. The wrestling show was Friday night at NXT.

I will admit that the booking was a bit weird, but what I don’t understand is how fans will allow WWE’s decisions on who wins matches affect their enjoyment of the one event they’ve been looking forward to all year long. Fans can be so destructive in that way.

Why did Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and Mick Foley beat up the League Of Nations? Why not? It popped the entire stadium and was one of the best moments on the show. When are you ever going to see a Stone Cold Stunner again? And it was against the perfect team; a bunch of heels who aren’t over and weren’t stunted by it.

You’d have more of an argument with Rock’s segment, but again, I don’t think it’s a good one. Bray Wyatt’s is very protected, he didn’t lose a match, and it took the Rock and John Cena (only two of their biggest stars ever) to send him packing.

As for the best match on the show, I’d go with the Intercontinental title ladder match and then the women’s title three-way. I’d probably go with Chris Jericho and AJ Styles after that.

The most disappointing match wasn’t Roman Reigns vs Triple H. It was the Undertaker vs Shane McMahon. We already knew the psychology would be screwy in that match because both outcomes were wanted by the fans. We were essentially in a no-win situation on the biggest hyped match of the show. Shane McMahon’s dive was memorable, but the match wasn’t. It was long, sloppy, and the Rocky Balboa storyline didn’t really work. If Shane’s work was better, it may have helped. But I surely didn’t expect it.

As for the main event, people weren’t leaving the arena in droves. Barely anyone left. And of course Roman Reigns was booed. We all knew he would be. The majority of the fans didn’t want Reigns to win. But those same fans wanted to be right that he was going to be booed, which doesn’t exactly make you Nostradamus. Triple H had his great title match one show early with Dean Ambrose at Roadblock. He didn’t have it on Sunday and it hurt the match.

Was it the greatest WrestleMania or even a top five WrestleMania (cheap plug)? No. But it wasn’t a bad one either. It was a very fun show live.


I apologize in advance as I know I’m going to miss someone.

– Shoutouts to my buddy Blake (@TheRealLowJones) and his family who allowed me to stay at their home during the entire stay. As a very casual fan, I’m glad Blake had fun at all the events. And he needs to send me a video when his daughter finally does the full cartwheel.

– Shoutout to Ed (@EdInSanAntonio) for being the ring leader again. Our WrestleMania tickets were awesome.

– Shoutouts to Damian (@TheDames7) and Ines who I was able to hang out with a lot over the weekend. Also, good luck with everything as you plan your wedding!

– Shoutout to Big Dave (@DaveMeltzerWON) for letting me tag along to Evolve. He may have broken the weekend record for most photos taken with men between the ages of 25-50 who weigh over 250 pounds.

– Shoutout to Bryan (@BryanAlvarez) for not attending the Evolve show which allowed me to sit with Big Dave.

– Shoutouts to Katee (@KateeForbis) and her family for being cool peeps.

– Shoutout to Ryan (@RyanNPike) and Jessica for being fine companions all weekend.

– Shoutout to Rick for hooking up the NXT tickets and generally just being helpful with tickets for a lot of folks over the weekend.

– Shoutout to Ryan (@RyanJFrederick) for letting us know how the ticketing worked at AT&T Stadium.

– Shoutout to the Juons (@AngryMarks & @chelzie) for hanging out with us at the Empire dinner.

– Shoutouts to Robin and Becky for getting the spot at WaleMania.

– Shoutout to Paul Fontaine (@PaulAceFontaine) for helping a lot of folks get around town.

– Shoutout to Jason (@sideswipe) for being an all around good dude who I’ve been seeing longer at these events than almost everyone.

– Shoutout to Doc G for giving me the Michael Hayes golden run-down at the Hall Of Fame.

– Shoutout to Oliver Copp (@OliverCopp) for being the only person I talked MMA with all weekend.

– Shoutout to Jeff (@Crapgame13) for our WrestleMania discussion throughout the show.

– Shoutout to the PeachMachine for forgetting his ticket to WrestleMania.

– Shoutout to Rodney (RodneyRogers1) for being Rodney.

– Shoutout to Emerson for his Bayley shirt.

– And finally, shoutout to Chris (@ZackMalibu), who I’ve shared pop culture references with on Facebook for sometime now, and was finally able to meet.

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