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UR Fight Live Coverage – Kurt Angle Vs Rey Mysterio

UR Fight live coverage

UR Fight live coverage

Check out our UR Fight live coverage.

I have no idea if this is even going to work as the FITE TV app isn’t even in the Apple TV app store, so I’m going to try to stream off my iPad.

I don’t think anyone expects this show to be good, but sometimes, bad shows are really entertaining.

Good old Jim Ross is the first voice we hear, which is probably a good thing. Rampage Jackson and Sean Wheelock are with him. Former WWE ring announcer, Justin Roberts is the ring announcer.

Shannon Ritch has belts with him. I wish he would’ve worn a Job Squad shirt.

In the build up for the submission match, Rampage said that Bisping isn’t the “Count”, but he’s the c***.

Mavrick Harvey Vs Shannon Ritch

Harvey rushed Ritch and Ritch fell through the ropes. Harvey was bashing him while he was falling out of the ring and the referee couldn’t pull Harvey off Ritch. Harvey pulled Ritch back into the ring by his shorts. Harvey threw a wacky knee and nearly fell down. Ritch immediately took his back and went for the choke. Rampage asked why Harvey wasn’t pulling his arms apart. Come on Rampage, Harvey didn’t come to actually win the fight. Harvey finally tapped.

Winner: Shannon Ritch

Harvey said that he was in the hospital before the show. After the Dada 5000 shenanigans, it’s crazy to think about it if it’s true.

Chael Sonnen Vs Michael Bisping

I have a feeling Wheelock is calling this one. Sonnen, who fights in the UFC at 185, weighed in at 231 for this. Bisping was 212.

These are five minute rounds. Sonnen is moving forward, backing Bisping into the corner. Lots of clinch attempts and breaking of the attempts. Sonnen was trying for a wrist lock, but Bisping ducked out of it. Bisping had Sonnen in the corner. Not much to it.

Chael shot in for a double and Bisping sunk back into the corner. Bisping had him in the corner again, but Sonnen played well defensively. With about 30 seconds left in the round, Bisping started to goof on Sonnen, trying to get him to do something. He got a scissor takedown and went for a heel hook at the end of the round. Rampage said it looked like Bisping wanted to suck his toes.

Bisping tried another scissor takedown, but didn’t get it and Sonnen ended up in his guard. Bisping had a triangle attempt and Sonnen had a heel hook attempt. Overall, that sucked.

Winner: No one – no submission means a draw

After the match, Bisping apologized for the non-action while Sonnen said that he won’t be fighting MMA again.

They’re showing a pre-taped fight between Jacob “Kobe” Ortiz and Brendan Tierney. I’m guessing that Roy Jones Jr. closes the show.

Ortiz stopped Tierney in the 3rd.

Now, Riff Raff is out so people in the crowd (which there aren’t many) can go get something to eat or drink I presume.

Kurt Angle Vs Rey Mysterio

It’s a two out of three falls match, which means the first two falls probably happen quickly.

Even though the match is much slower than their matches from the past, it’s quite good. Angle gets the first fall with the Olympic Slam. Rey hasn’t done too much high flying yet, but I feel like it’s coming.

Kurt went for another Olympic Slam, but Rey turned it into an arm drag toward the ropes. He hit the 619 and then a splash from the top rope and we’re tied at two falls apiece.

Angle caught Mysterio and put him in an ankle lock. Rey rolled him up for a two count. Rey missed a splash in the corner and Kurt hit another Olympic Slam, but Rey kicked out at two. Mysterio hit the 619 and splash again, but Kurt kicked out. Kurt went for the Three Amigos, but Rey rolled him up for a two. Angle went for a clothesline, but hit the referee and then low blowed Mysterio. Angle went to get a chair and Rampage called him a dirty MFer. Riff Raff pulled the chair away from Angle and Mysterio hit his finishing sequence again and got the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Vyron Phillips Vs Roy Jones Jr.

This is a 6-rounder.

Phillips is standing straight up and stiff. Jones is playing it safe early on. Phillips set up to get knocked out with the left hook. Jones threw a lunging straight right and Phillips was wobbled at the bell.

Jones toyed with him and Phillips ran right into a right cross and went down oddly. The fight is over.

Winner: Roy Jones Jr.

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